August 16, 2022

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Find on the map the evolution of the deviation from 2017 and between the two rounds

Infographics – This election, the fourth in two months since the presidential election, was boycotted by the French, while part of the country experienced an unprecedented heat wave.

The French again avoided the polls. Ignore First party in France, Sunday 19th June, second round date Unlawful, Confirmed again. It reaches 54%, according to estimates released by polling companies. About 26.3 million French people, and more than one in two voters, boycotted the ballot box again, as recorded in the first round (52.49%) last week.

At noon, when the country was facing a Heat wave Metropolitan France’s participation rate was 18.99%, the lowest ever (+ 0.56%), according to the Interior Ministry. First round A week ago but in 2017 compared to the second round, it reached 17.75%. As of 5 p.m., Sunday’s turnout was 38.11%, down 1.31% from 39.42% a week earlier. On the other hand, it reached 35.33% at the same time compared to the second round of the 2017 Assembly elections.

Legislature 2022: Towards a new referendum record

Quietly, in the evening and the day after the first round of assembly elections, Emmanuel Macron urged the French on Tuesday. “Must provide an absolute majorityOn behalf of the countryThe highest interest of the nationFrom Orly Airport he flew to Romania and Moldova. And warn:There can be nothing worse than adding the French chaos to the world chaos“, I invite you to take it”Freedom, equality, fraternity, secularism with strength and determination“The head of state did not ask clearly. The presidential majority will certainly come first in the second round of the legislative elections, but is far from an absolute majority and must face strong advances from the United Left and the National Rally.

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2017 and 2022: Discover the evolution of abstinence

In the first round of voting, 18-24 year olds (69%) and 25-34 year olds (71%) abstained from voting. This was higher than the average among 35-49 year olds (59%), while 50-59 year olds were on strike at 52% of polling stations.

Four of the five blocks, mainly in the west (Pace de la Lower, Brittany), In Blocks In the north, west of Paris and Bouches-du-Rhone. In Ile-de-FranceThe boycott was particularly strong Val d’Oise (57%) and Seine-Saint-Denis (61%). In this regard, poverty in metropolitan France has surpassed 70% in some municipalities, such as Clichy-sous-Bois, where less than one in four voters went to the polls. Percentage found in overseas areas that register the lowest participation. The turnout is more than 70% MartiniqueIn Guadeloupe And inside Guyana.

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The Marine Le Pen (52%) side had the most non-voters, followed by Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon (50%), Emmanuel Macron and Valerie Begres’ voters with only “39” in most of the polls. % Deviation.

Lack of interest, anger or lack of information … The reasons for this dissatisfaction are many and make party employees anxious.

This new participatory fallout is linked to an organizational logic. Since coming into force in 2002 For a period of five years And the subsequent presidential and legislative calendar, this election has lost its autonomy.

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