October 2, 2023

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Fire in the main port after the violent eruption

A violent explosion was heard in Dubai this Wednesday evening, which ignited a container in a port in the city. Authorities say no injuries were reported in the area.

A fire broke out in the main port of Dubai and a violent explosion erupted in the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday evening, an AFP reporter said. At least three residents in the area where the incident took place said the doors and windows of their homes were violently shaken by the explosion.

On Twitter, the origin of the explosion was revealed when a container caught fire on a cargo ship anchored in the port of Dubai’s Emirate Jebel Ali. The fire is now under control and no injuries have been reported so far, officials said. “Dubai’s Civil Defense Force (a fire brigade, author’s note) is on fire,” the communications service said.

Jebel Ali Port is the main port of Dubai, located about thirty kilometers west of the tourist center towards Abu Dhabi. It is the largest man-made port in the world.

Jean Poland with AFP PFMTV Reporter

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