Follows the supermarket company Morrisons

The co-op follows in the footsteps of Bradford supermarket company Morrisons, banning bags from life from every store in the UK.

Supermarket company Plastic “Bags for Life” warns that the low-cost, reusable bag has become a new single-use carrier that will be phased out of sales in its 2,600 stores.

Morrisons became the first UK supermarket to remove all plastic carrier bags last month, turning all life bags into a paper alternative.

The program began in Scotland in April, with bags being phased out in all stores since April 30, with all remaining stock expected to be sold by the end of this summer.

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The Bradford supermarket company has more than 500 stores worldwide and completed a successful test of its eight stores last year.

Cooperative ensures that customers can purchase low-impact, low-impact replacement bag with standard second use instead of all outlets with 10p compostable carriers instead of single-use bags.

Charges for single-use plastic shopping bags in the UK will double in May for all stores and supermarkets Wales Online.

The Manchester Evening News In order to provide greater transparency in detecting the real impact of carrier bag taxation, the retailer has now called for a policy to report on all reusable bags and single-use bags.

Other recommendations of the cooperative include that all single-use carrier bags should be composted and the introduction of a minimum 50p price for reusable bags creates a high perceived value to encourage customers to reuse them instead of treating them as single use.

Greenpeace data shows that supermarkets distributed more than 1.5 billion bags in 2019, weighing a total of 44,913 tons – an increase of 56% over the previous year.

Life bags use more plastic in their production than conventional single-use carriers, which increases the amount of plastic in circulation.

Morrisons says it will become the first UK supermarket to completely remove plastic carrier bags from its stores

The cooperative said its new initiative would remove 29.5 million bags weighing 870 tonnes of plastic each year.

Joe Whitfield, CEO of Cooperative Foods, said: “Increased use of bags for life has led to a sharp rise in the use of plastics.

“With more than 1.5 billion bags being sold by retailers each year, this is a big problem for our industry because many shoppers regularly buy so-called one-time use bags, which leads to a huge increase in the quantity of plastic produced.

“To deal with plastic pollution and unwanted plastic use, we will stop selling bags for life if current stocks are depleted.

“We ensure that all our members and customers have access to the lowest price point option, which is the most environmentally friendly, with the most durable bags at the highest price point.

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“We believe it should be mandatory for all retailers to report sales of all reusable bags, not just single-use bags.

“Right now, Cooperative is the only major retailer to report on all the bags it sells.

Helen Baird, Waste and Resources Organization’s Strategic Liaison Manager, said: “All bags, regardless of the material from which they are made, have an impact on the environment.

“The most important thing to reduce this impact is reuse. We all need to do the same in shopping bags, just as we now carry a mask about ourselves.

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“Supermarkets have a responsibility to promote this, and we want to see explicit reporting on all types of shopping bags – whether they are made of traditional plastic, compostable plastic or paper.

“There will be times when we forget to bring a bag, in these cases we can still reuse those bags and recycle them at supermarket collection points at the end of their lives.

“For Cooperative This means shoppers can reuse carrier bags, and if they have food waste collection they can use it as a caddy liner. ”

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