Food City plans to relocate the East Ridge store next year to a larger supermarket

Staff Photo / The Food City on Ringold Road on East Ridge will be replaced next year by a new and larger supermarket.

Food City plans to relocate its East Ridge grocery store to a new and larger supermarket next year, which will include the Gas N Go Fuel Station, a food cafe and a wide range of manufacturing and groceries.

Food City President Steve Smith said the grocery chain has been trying for years to relocate its store on Ringold Road 3715, which was originally a red food supermarket, which the food city bought in 2015 when it bought the Sattanuka area by-law stores.

“We have been working to replace this store since we bought it five years ago and now we are pleased with the plan to move across the street with our new store,” Smith said Monday. “The project will result in more than a hundred new area jobs, and will bring Starbucks Cafபே to East Ridge, along with some exciting new facilities and services.”

The new 54,000-square-foot supermarket is expected to be built and open in the summer of 2022, replacing the existing 34,000-square-foot Food City store on Ringold Road.

The move comes three years after Food City relocated its other East Ridge supermarket, formerly located near Interstate 75, to another large grocery store and Case N Co Georgia on State Highway 41 at 6723 Ringold Road.

With its additional services, officials expect the new store on East Ridge to attract shoppers from beyond the city of East Ridge, including the Brinert area, Missionary Ridge and parts of northern Georgia.

K-VA-D Food Stores, the parent company of Food City, plans to build a store on the site of the former bowling alley at 3636 Ringold Road. If approved by the city, the upgrade of the store will be facilitated by a portion of the sales tax expected that the new store will be created as permitted in the border tax zone around Exit 1 on East Ridge I-75.

East Ridge Mayor Brian Williams said he expects the new supermarket to be a catalyst for additional new growth on the west end of East Ridge.

“The extra services, products and jobs that the new store offers to our store are incredible,” Williams said in the new store announcement. “We have been working diligently to attract and recruit new growth in this area.”

Williams said the East Ridge Industrial Development Board will meet Thursday and the city council will meet on April 22 to consider the plan.

“The border zone is the largest for our city,” Williams said Monday. “This incentive started basement growth with the early Pass Pro store and continued to grow tremendously on East Ridge, and now we see new growth in the western corner of our city.

New Food City has a new store bakery and deli with fresh baked goods, deli meats, cheeses, hot dishes, large cafe seating area, fireplace, hickory smoker, pizza oven, a variety of soups, salad and fruit choices and full service catering. And event planning. Internal meat cutters are available for hand-cut steaks and fresh meat to order. The expanded grocery, frozen food and manufacturing sectors offer a wide selection of good food taster, international and specialty products.

Food City Floral Boutique works seven days a week with a designer who offers a full assortment of freshly cut floral arrangements, bouquets, gift items and more. The new store will offer quick checkout service with six check-out lanes and seven self-tests. The venue will feature a Food City Pharmacy, a private consulting room and a drive-through window, Food City Case N Go, Diesel Fuel, CoCard Curbside Pick-up and Starbucks Cafe.

Headquartered in Abington, Virginia, Food City operates 134 retail supermarkets in southeastern Kentucky, southwest Virginia, eastern Tennessee, northern Georgia and soon Alabama. The company has two dozen supermarkets in the Chattanooga market, and is preparing to build a new store downtown on South Broad Street.

Food City’s real estate staff will also be visiting Chattanooga on Thursday, especially in the Brinert and East Chattanooga area, where most grocery stores are closed.

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