For a post-season run, Toronto Maple Leaves Get Senior Pioneer Nick Foligno

Columbus Blue Jackets traded Captain Nick Foligno Sunday to Toronto Maple Leaves.

Blue Jackets won the first round selection in 2021 and the fourth round selection in 2022, and will retain 25% of Folicino’s contract, which expires this summer. Foligno is in the final stages of a six-year deal with a $ 5.5 million cap.

He worked as a broker in the San Jose Sharks trade, and forwarded Stephen Noison To Columbus for the fourth round selection. Maple leaves make up only 25% of Folicno’s salary, as sharks retain about one percent of Folicno’s cap.

“Nick Foligno as a captain, as a representative of your team and as an ambassador for your community, is all you want. Jarmo Kecklainen Said in a statement. “We are grateful for everything he, Janelle and their family have done for us and for us over the past nine years. As far as we are now, this move has given us a sense of organization and Nick.”

Columbus has produced playoffs in four straight seasons, often exaggerating despite large free-agency losses Sergei Poprovsky And Of Artemis Banner. Things haven’t gone smoothly this season because Columbus is seventh out of eight teams in the midfield.

Already, Jetson has made the Blue Jackets the center of unhappiness Pierre-Luke Dubois To Patrick Line, But the change did not go smoothly. Blue Jackets are now looking for a retouch.

On Saturday, the Blue Jackets won the first round selection by trading Defenseman. David Schwartz, Spent his 10 years of life with blue jackets.

Folicno is a high energy forward, he plays a defensive game. He will add value to the base of the star-filled row of maple leaves.

Toronto currently leads the Northern Division. Maple Leaves G.M. Kyle Dubas insisted on adding senior players this season. Maple leaves added 32 years old Wayne Simmonds And 41 years old Joe Thornton In the free company.

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