March 30, 2023

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Former European Council President Donald Dusk is in charge of the main opposition

Donald Tusk is back on the Polish political scene. TheFormer President of the Council of Europe On Saturday, July 3, he became the leader of the opposition Civic Platform (PO) party in Poland. After the resignation of party leader Boris Putka, “The duties of the President of the PO are considered by Donald Dusk”, Spokesman John Grabick announced after the party’s National Council meeting. Mr Tusk was elected vice-president of the party, which means he will remain in office until a formal election is held later this year.

Donald Dusk, 64, became prime minister of his country between 2007 and 2014, taking over the reins of the center-right party he co-founded in 2001. President of the Council of Europe Between 2014 and 2019. During this last period, he had to take part in managing the immigration crisis, the economic situation in Greece and the difficult Brexit talks.

Pice “Demon”

He is currently the leader of the European People’s Party (EPP) and often acts as a behind-the-scenes commentator on Polish politics.

Before a party conference for him on Saturday, Donald Dusk said he had “Back to 100%”. He mentioned in his speech “Demon” About The ruling Nationalist Conservative Party, Law and Justice (PiS), accused of keeping Poland in one place “Dangerous situation” By creating disagreements with its allies in the EU. “When we see a monster, we fight it.”, he said.

Uncertainty erupted ahead of the PO conference after Warsaw Mayor Rafael Traskovsky, a finalist in last year’s presidential election, said he was ready to take the lead. According to a media report, Mr. Trasaskovsky retreated, Mr. Tuskin will not run as a candidate for party leadership. “Civic operating system will be better again”, Tweeted Mr. After Tusk was elected, the party MP. Robert Dyskiewicz.

Poland in “complete isolation”

PO ranks third in the election, behind Pice And the centrist opposition Poland 2050. At the same time, Bais has lost its narrow majority in parliament and relations with the EU are deteriorating on a number of issues, including controversial judicial reforms. Mr Tusk said Piece leader Jaroslav Kaczynski had taken Poland to a new level “Complete Isolation” In the international scene.

Elections in Poland are scheduled for 2023, but commentators say the ruling party could be tested by early elections to avoid a no-confidence vote in parliament. On Saturday Pius is holding his own conference, which Mr. To confirm Kaczynski as its leader. The party is expected to approve the appointment of Prime Minister Matos Moraveki, 53, as vice president, making him the successor to senior Kaczynski, 72.

A new poll taken earlier this week found that the PIS-dominated ruling right-wing coalition leads with 34% support, with Poland leading 2050 with 17.1% and PO 16.9%. The survey was conducted by the Ibris polling station for the Bolsat TV channel.

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