December 1, 2023

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Former policeman Derek Chou has been sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison for the murder of George Floyd.

45-year-old agent He has been in high security jail since the verdict was pronounced in late April.

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Former White Policeman Derek Zhou was sentenced to life in prison on Friday, June 25, and sentenced to one and a half years in prison in connection with the murder of George Floyd. The 46-year-old African-American died of suffocation below the officer’s knee during an arrangement in Minneapolis (Minnesota) on May 25, 2020. His death sparked massive protests by the Black Lives Matter movement across the United States against racist police violence. “This historic condemnation is a step forward in reconciling the Floyd family and our nation and allowing them to turn the page and appoint those in charge.”, Rated the victim’s family lawyer on Twitter.

The sentence comes two months after the former policeman was convicted in three cases, including “murder” and “intentional violence as a result of death.” 45-year-old agent He has been incarcerated in a high-security prison since the verdict was handed down. The sentence in Minnesota was a minimum of 12.5 years in prison. But Judge Peter Cahill retained four awkward circumstances against the police officer, leading to a harsher sentence. He “Abused his position of trust and authority”, “George treated Floyd with great cruelty”, Acted in the presence of minors and “Committed his crime in a crowd”, He wrote.

After the sentencing statement, George Floyd’s brother spoke. “When you knelt on my brother’s neck, what was on your mind when you knew he was no threat?”, Introduced by Terence Floyd “Maximum fine” Sentenced to 40 years in prison. The former officer, who remained silent during his interrogation, also spoke Friday. He presented her “Mourning” To the family of George Floyd, just minutes before he was sentenced.

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