July 22, 2024

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Four French soldiers were wounded in Burkina Faso

Four French soldiers were wounded in Burkina Faso

Four soldiers were injured and one was seriously injured when a home-made bomb exploded as the vehicle was traveling in the north of the country on Tuesday.

Four French soldiers were wounded in Burkina Faso. The state reported to the AFP on Tuesday evening, January 18, that an improvised explosive device (IED) had exploded as their vehicle was traveling north of the country. French Major.

“All-terrain vehicle explodes in IED as it exits Ouahigouya Airport”, Which was pointed out to the staff, indicates that this is about one “Parken unit on a spy mission”. Four players were injured and one was seriously injured. “They were immediately evacuated to Cao.”, In Mali. “Eligible will be deported to France”, Without further details about their health, we continued from the same source.

Jihadists often come to this area from GSIM (or JNIM, the jihadi nebula affiliated with al-Qaeda). Corn “This is a traffic zone, we are not sure” Refers to the origin of the machine, the same source. Sahel is the prey of jihadists of the EIGS affiliated with the Islamic State group.

Burgane, an anti-jihadi force in Mali since 2014, has extended its mission to Sahel, focusing on key bilateral political issues, in the wake of allegations that Mali aided the services of the Russian mercenary group Wagner, as well as the restoration of the French military presence in the country.

Last week, the military junta in power in Bamako closed its borders to the Organization of West African States (Sidiao) states after the August 2020 coup. Many years without elections.

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Like its neighbors in Mali and Niger, Burkina Faso has been mired in violence by armed jihadist groups affiliated with al-Qaeda and IS since 2015. The military is battling violence that has killed more than 2,000 people in six years, and more than 1.5 million people are being forced to flee their homes. Security and local sources told the AFP on Sunday that at least a dozen civilians had been killed in northern Burkina Faso on Saturday.