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Free PlayStation Plus games for October 2022 revealed

Free PlayStation Plus games for October 2022 revealed

The lineup of free PS Plus games for October 2022 has been announced, and PlayStation is upping the ante – also the first time in about a year that games haven’t been previously leaked. Starting October 4, all PlayStation Plus subscribers can get Hot Wheels Unleashed, Superhot and Injustice 2.

PlayStation has announced its lineup of free PS plus games for October 2022. Two games were leaked early, but this is the first time in about a year that the entire lineup hasn’t been spoiled early enough. All PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to claim Injustice 2, Hot Wheels Unleashed, and Superhot starting October 4.

Hot Wheels Unleashed It is an arcade racing game that was released last year to very strong reviews. The funny contestant gave us a 7/10 in our area Hot Wheels Unleashed Review. Although it can be repeated, the racing mechanics are solid and there are plenty of tracks. You can also create your own tracks and then race online against friends. The PS5 and PS4 versions of Hot Wheels Unleashed will be available to claim.

If you haven’t played Injustice 2You are in treatment. NetherRealm’s second entry in the DC superhero fighting game series is an absolute treat. Even though it’s five years old at this point, Injustice 2 still looks and plays great. It features a lot of unique content, including a great story mode and loads of challenges with unique rewards. The expanding roster is enhanced by a great leveling and gearing system that rewards players who keep playing. He got a 9/10 in Injustice 2 movie reviewIt remains one of the best games in the genre over the past decade.

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The lineup is rounded off by too hotOne of the best indie games of recent years. Superhot is a first-person shooter that plays like a puzzle game. Your goal is to cross every room without getting shot, it features a very smart mechanic. Time only moves when you move, so every time you stop, enemies also freeze. You have to plan your moves ahead of time, and strategize to eliminate the bad guys without getting hit. It is an elegant and unique game that everyone should at least try.

Make sure to claim PS Plus September lineup Before October 4 also includes two great games.

Free PlayStation Plus Games October 2022

Available from October 4th

  • Hot Wheels Unleashed (PS5/PS4)
  • Injustice 2 (PlayStation 4)
  • Superhot (PS4)

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