June 7, 2023

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Frustration on the island of Avia in the fire

Movies, Movies – Residents of Athens faced a major fire the day before a protest against the state administration in Athens.

Thousands of people on the burning Greek islandAs a walkerOn Sunday, August 8, the twelfth day of wildfires in Greece, a fire engulfed their villages and lands.

The catastrophe on Greece’s second largest island, Yupoia, is a major concern in the country this Sunday.

Residents watch the blazing fire of Yupoya Island with fear. Angelos Shortsinis / AFP
Residents are waiting near the beach when the village of Goose is on fire. Stringer / Reuters

Holding a wedge between the Attica and the Aegean Sea for six days on fire, this tongue offers an apocalyptic panorama. On the roads, residents spray their land with water, while dense woods are surrounded by flames.

A resident sprays Evia Island plants on the water. Angelos Shortsinis / AFP

Sunday is the large mountain island covered by pine trees, the main dream of Greek firefighters in Evia, which traditionally attracts Greek and foreign tourists.

Residents of the Greek island of Yupoya are frustrated with the disaster. Angelos Shortsinis / AFP

Despite the rough terrain, Nearly 500 firefighters continue their struggle The island was fierce against the fire in the north, burning from east to west, surrounded by a cloud of thick smoke and raining ash.

Apart from firefighters, residents are trying to put out the fire. Angelos Shortsinis / AFP

At least 35,000 hectares and hundreds of homes have been burned, according to Yupoya’s deputy governor, Giorgos Gelatcidis.

The air is hard to breathe. Angelos Shortsinis / AFP

About 2,000 islanders have been evacuated and relocated to hotels.

A helicopter emits water throughout the island, even when the air quality is low. Alexandros Avaramidis / Selectors

According to the European Forest Fire Information Organization (EFFIS), more than 70,000 hectares in Greece by 2021 had 56,000 burns in the last 10 days. Between 2008 and 2020, an average of about 1,700 hectares were burned in these 10 summer days.

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Tens of thousands of hectares of smoke. Angelos Shortsinis / AFP
The village of Goose has disappeared under the flames. Stringer / Reuters

On Monday afternoon, August 9, a demonstration was organized in Athens against the state fire management.

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