July 19, 2024

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Galaxy Watch 7 and Ultra Ditch Wireless Charging From Your Phone

Galaxy Watch 7 and Ultra Ditch Wireless Charging From Your Phone

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch has lost support for a useful charging feature: the ability to charge your watch wirelessly using your phone.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series (and even the Gear range before it) has used wireless charging since its inception. This came with the ability to use “Wireless PowerShare,” Samsung’s brand name for reverse wireless charging, to charge the Galaxy Watch. It’s a handy feature in emergencies, though it’s only ever worked reliably with Galaxy devices.

Now, though, this feature is gone.

Spotted by @JordyV27 on Twitter/X (Erosion Sam Mobile), Samsung Support Page It directly confirms that Galaxy Watch 7 And Galaxy Watch Ultra Both do not support wireless charging from your smartphone.


Samsung explains that this is due to the advanced health sensors in these watches, which change the shape of the glass at the bottom to the point that wireless charging is no longer possible. Samsung says:

However, the new sensor design required a change in the shape of the back glass. This change increased the distance between your watch’s internal wireless charging coil and the wireless charger, so the wireless power share feature available on the previous model was no longer supported.

This also applies to old chargers.

Samsung says the charger for the Galaxy Watch 7 and Ultra is the only one that will charge the new models at full speed. Older chargers may work, but they will be slower and generate more heat.

Galaxy Watch 7 And Galaxy Watch Ultra Both are available for pre-order now and will ship later this month.

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