July 24, 2024

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German far-right party AfD has been excluded from the IT committee in the European Parliament

German far-right party AfD has been excluded from the IT committee in the European Parliament

During the major rhetoric of the leaders of the main list in the CFDT, the far right was absent and targeted.

The main leaders listed in European elections were called on Thursday to defend their program before the French Federation of Democratic Workers (CFDT) in a morning targeted by more candidates from the far-right, who were not invited by the union.

Representatives of the majority, Valéry Heyer (Renaissance), Raphael Glucksmann (Socialist Party – Public Square), Manon Aubry (La France Insumais), Marie Toussaint (Les Ecologists), Léon Defontains (French Communist Party) and Aurelian Caron 17e position on the Republican Party list) have in turn presented their vision of Europe two weeks before the June 9 election.

Marylise Léon, general secretary of the CFDT, estimated that the far right was represented “The Return of National Selfishness” insisted that “CFDT will not work in this project”. “We don’t debate with the far right, we fight with them. So we don’t get them for this investigation.”The union’s national secretary, Beatrice Lestic, said.

This test was done by Mr. Glucksman welcomed, after he expressed his desire “Women’s Europe”wanted to be “The Trough and the Alternative Falling on the Wave of the Far Right [le] continent”. “We need to stop assuming that 40% of the far right in our country is normal, that there is nothing inevitable about it”he told Agence France-Presse after his speech.

“The plan for Europe is a fight against the RN [Rassemblement national] »For his part, M. told a few journalistsme After Heyer appeared on stage, she specifically proposed strengthening women’s rights in Europe.

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Mme Aubry noted “The extreme right is dangerous to our democracy in many ways”This can be dangerous among other things “Our Social Model” and proposed “Put the social question back at the center of the political agenda” and development “Taxation of Super Profits”.

Environmental activist Marie Toussaint warned “The Rise of the Far Right in France, But Everywhere in Europe” WHO “Danger to the European Project”. “If this brown deal is countered, it must be countered with a green deal”She defends, that ecology and regret “Very Dangerous” be “Two Sacrifices” Current policies.