Gonzalez UCLA stuns UCLA in final four second 3-pointer

Indianapolis – Jollen Recommended Shot – Perfect!

The Gonzalez newcomer lifted the Shocks to the buzzer from near the semi-court logo on Saturday night for a 93-90 overtime victory over UCLA, moving from a losing season to a win and a national title.

This final four thriller was the best game of the tournament, and considering the stakes, it gave the best result in the history of March Madness – a banker near the midcourt to keep a perfect season alive.

This is no surprise from a team: it’s Jokes training all the time.

“Every day before the game we shoot half-courts in the shootout,” Chux said. “I didn’t make my half-courts, but I got it with confidence, I kept it. It’s insane. I can not come to words now.”

After the shot went inside, Sux often ran in a blank press line, jumped on the table, pumped his fists, and uttered a loud shout to a crowd of 8,000 or so far away fans. The reefs were checked to make sure he got the shot off before the buzzer sounded. He did, and the Bulldogs went to the final on Monday night, where they will play Baylor for the title.

They were the first team after Larry Bird and the state of Indiana to hold the record for most defeats in a championship match in 1979.

Even without Chuck’s shot, it’s hard to win this game for pure excitement.

With that said, was this the biggest game?

“I would say no because we didn’t win,” said UCLA coach Mick Cronin.

However, it had 15 relationships and 19 lead changes and an 11th tier UCLA team. Despite their defeat, the Bruins had 27 straight double-digit victories by Mark Fueh’s Jagannath.

UCLA (22-10) were the first team to play Gonzalez in five matches in the second half and, in fact, had a chance to win at the regulatory end.

As the game was tied at 81, Johnny Juchang was developing it hard in the final seconds, with Jax forward Drew Timme, playing with four fouls, getting into the paint, planting his feet and taking a charge.

Gonzalez called the time and Grand Hill-to-Christian Lautner attempted a full court pass with 1.1 seconds remaining. It is not attached. Five minutes later, Laxner’s shot on the all-time list may have been hit by the socks at one point.

“We did a lucky one in the end, but I can tell you that he makes practically all the time,” some said. “He got this magical light about him. I knew it was going inside when he shot it.”

Prior to that, he had rejected Cody Relay (14 points, 10 rebounds) and it appeared that he would go unchallenged to a tank that raised UCLA to two in 2 minutes. Chuck got the block, and then fed Tim a tank, instead of giving Jax little advantage.

UCLA is better than this.

The Bruins went from quarter to quarter all night with the team in first place in the country. This was their third overtime in six games of the tournament – they showed an extra game in the first four – and they did not fall behind more than seven. On a magical night of college rings they got everything they dreamed of. Everything except success.

The Bruins are “stuck” in their country’s top 11 titles, most of which were won back in the days of John Wooden.

“I told them,` We have to let go of that shot, ‘”Cronin said. “We won. I’m sitting in the coach tree seat. When you sit in his seat, you have to channel what he’s taught. True greatness gives your best effort.”

Who would dare say they are not?

Zhuang had 29 points for Bruin, with 15-foot 1:27 remaining to help level the score at 79 from seven.

Jamie Jacques Jr. was also intimidated by Gonzalez. He handled Tim’s internal pressure throughout the night, scoring 19 points. Jacques’ two free throws tied it at 81 with 43 seconds left.

It seemed like it would be Tim’s extra time. He soaked for the first six points of the extra session Gonzalez and 87-83 lead.

But Crohn’s time was up, and UCLA was back on track.

With 3.3 seconds remaining, Zhuang’s setback was 90. Some time did not end, and Chuck took the incoming pass and made a clear journey to the half-court line – and on the set of all-time highlights.

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