Google Introduces Handshake Emoji with 25 Skin Tone Options

New Delhi, May 2 (IANS) Google has unveiled a new emoji featuring a multi-skinned handshake to bring gender diversity and practicality.

In the next release of the multi-skin handshake emoji with 25 options, the emoji should appear in 14.0, which means that users should see what appears in 2022

“This kind of research is very important because the Unicode Federation and Google are interested in incorporating Unicode into the standard,” said Jennifer Daniel, Google’s creative director for emoji.

“Quick fixes” are easy to identify, but I try to stop and ask how equal representation really is, and when is it most effective? “

Technical work and Covid-19 delayed the release of multi-skin tone handshake emojis, but now it is finally coming.

“Every time we add a new emoji there is a risk that it will exclude people from our knowledge. All we can do is make sure the emojis are as wide, flexible and fluid as possible, just like the language, just like you,” Daniel said in a statement.

In 2019, he submitted documents to consider adding a multi-skinned handshake to Unicode.

This project describes how to create 25 possible combinations of different skin tones for a handshake.

“But coding it all takes time; it can take up to two years to create a new emoji,” Jennifer explained.

While a regular, one-tone handshake emoji already exists, this particular addition requires two new emoji hands (one right hand on all skin tone shades and one left on various skin tone shades), as Jennifer explains, “replace the‘ old ’handshake with a new one. ”

Each Unicode character must be encrypted; It’s like a language, with a set of rules that communicate from the keyboard to the computer, as you see it on your screen.

“It’s called binary – or all the zeros behind the screen that make up everything you see on the web”.

He proposed emoji in November 2019 with the expectation that it would land on devices in 2021, but due to COVID-19, all Unicode upgrades were delayed by six months.


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