Google Maps will soon be driving drivers for very low carbon impact trails

Google will use its popular map app to guide drivers in more eco-friendly ways to reduce the carbon footprint of car trips.

Alphabet Inc.-owned technology company announced this week that it will be implementing AI-powered improvements on Google Maps to help combat climate change.

Transportation accounts One-fifth of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions Worldwide, it has a three-quarter road travel account.

Improvements include direct information on air quality for drivers and greener routes based on transportation. The new energy is built to improve low fuel consumption using the insights of the U.S. Department of Fuel National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

With a new weather layer function, you can view current and forecast temperature levels in your area and show how healthy (or unhealthy) the air quality layer air is. For example, this information may be especially helpful if you are in a smoky or flammable area. The weather layer will be available worldwide and the air quality layer will be launched in Australia, India and the United States, and many more countries are to come.

Map application users can compare car, bike, public transport and other travel options in one place without switching between tabs.

This is all Part of the commitment Google is helping its billion users take action to reduce their environmental footprint by September 2020.

Are eco-friendly ways too fast?

Since speed is a priority for most map users, Google claims that new eco-friendly routes will only be used by default when they have almost the same ETA on fast lanes.

“In cases where the eco-friendly route significantly increases your ETA, we will compare the impact of CO2 between the paths you choose,” said Dan Glasgow, VP, Product VP at Google Maps, in a statement.

Users may choose to opt out, but in order to encourage us to stick with greener options, Google plans to match eco-friendly ways with less time consuming paths.

What is the avoidance of pollution?

Another function aims to help drivers better understand the level of pollution around them. Alerts will be sent when you are in low emission zones, which are located in cities around the world from Amsterdam to Jakarta. They control polluting vehicles, such as some diesel cars, to help keep the air clean.

You can see if your vehicle is allowed in the area, chooses an alternative mode of transportation, or goes the other way.

Low emissions zone alerts are set to launch this June on Android and iOS in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain and the UK.

Which are the best cities for eco-friendly transportation in Europe?

Most European cities are beginning to advance in green technology efforts and are shifting urban spaces to reduce carbon emissions.

But which cities make a difference, and what do they do to green the movement?

As of 2021, solar panel bus stops will transform the city of Russov in Poland, while the first hydrogen-powered buses will be launched in London, England, while the transition from diesel to electric buses will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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