February 8, 2023

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Google’s revamped Android Auto experience is rolling out now

It took several months, however Android Auto Repair here. google now rolling out Its redesigned in-car experience for Android users. As noted at I/O, the redesigned interface simplifies navigation, communication, and media playback. Maps are in a more driver-friendly position, while split screen view provides quick access to music and text regardless of your car’s screen orientation. There’s finally a media progress bar, and conversation shortcuts (discussed below) help you make calls and reply to messages.

Google is expanding the functionality of Android Auto at the same time. The company says that newer Pixel and Samsung phones will “soon” let you make WhatsApp calls. Assistant now offers smart suggestions for missed calls, access time sharing, music and podcasts.

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There are some vehicle upgrades that go beyond Android Auto. Sharing a digital car key It’s coming to Samsung phones in the near future, while Xiaomi phone owners will have the option later in 2023. The same keys will be available for phones other than BMW, though Google hasn’t said when that might happen. HD Maps comes to the Polestar 3 and Volvo EX90 to enhance their autonomous and assistive features. YouTube is also coming to cars with Google built in, so you’ll have more to watch while charging or parked.

To some extent, the Android Auto upgrade was necessary. Apple previewed a file The next generation of CarPlay Not only is this interface more useful, it can take over more of the car’s infotainment system. Google’s revamp isn’t directly equivalent, but it could give automakers a stronger incentive to support Android Auto in an increasingly competitive market.

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