Govit-19: Alberta tops 1,000 daily cases for the first time in 300 categories since January 6

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Alberta reported 1,100 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday, the highest daily number of cases since the beginning of the year and 300 new variant cases.

The number of cases on Friday is more than 50 percent 717 Confirmed a week ago. More than 1,000 cases have been reported in the province in the last one day Jan. 6, with 1,123.

Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr Deena Hinshah posted an update on the province’s “initial data” on Twitter on Friday. Eight percent positive rate and 13,300 laboratory tests completed. Admission to the hospital is “stable”, and 15,000 vaccine jabs were given, for a total of 675,000 doses, the tweet said. No casualties were reported.

Prime Minister Jason Kenny said on Thursday that Alberta was on the “new wave” of COVID-19, but had stopped adding new restrictions. In January, He said, adding that more controls would be needed if the levels seen last November were reached.


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No time to relax

Dr. Luis Hugo Francescutty, an emergency room physician and professor at the University of Alberta, said he was tired of following Alberts’ rules on Friday.

“I think we are undermining our security, it is human nature, time can not be bad,” he said.

Hot weather, sending conflicting messages regarding vaccines, distrust of leaders and Random implementation of existing health measures It confuses people and makes them less likely to follow health rules and get vaccinated.

“We can break the cycle, but we need to take it more seriously. I do not think the general public … without any fault of their own, they are tired, they are tired.”

He said those who are fast in leadership positions can maintain confidence and it will be easier to turn things around.

The third wave requires additional controls: Physician

Dr. James Talbot, Co-Chairman of the Strategic COVID Committee of the Edmonton Regional Medical Workers Association, warns against doctors The third wave For weeks.

Alberta needs to act quickly to control it – like other provinces Ontario, Quebec And BC Seems to be getting the message with locks and additional restrictions, he said.

“If there is a delay every day, we are going to see more events and it will take more time for all of us to recover. You will never get back the time wasted in the beginning,” Talbot said Friday.

He and Dr. Noel Kipney, co-chair of the committee, wrote a letter to the Prime Minister on Thursday.Round separator“Disabling.


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The third wave is almost certainly linked to COVID-19 variants – they are highly contagious and dangerous – but this is because the current restrictions are so relaxed.

“The two go together. Because the variance is so pervasive, even if we had the same precautions we had in December, it would still be moving up… more slowly, ”he said.

“(Also transmissible) is that it may violate the regulation even if there are reasonable restrictions.”

A coal researcher warned last week that he might visit Alberta More than 1,000 new cases daily By mid-April as the rate variance cases doubled every eight to 10 days.

He warned that 4,000 new cases could come in a day by May.

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