Greyhound Canada suspends all bus service permanently

Greyhound Canada permanently closes all remaining bus routes in Canada.

The bus company says all of its remaining routes will be closed by midnight on Thursday.

Iconic bus carrier Expelled from Western Canada in 2018.

It was then placed When COVID-19 wins in 2020, the rest of its paths will be paused, But now it is permanently out of domestic Canadian service.

“A full year without revenue will unfortunately not be able to continue operations,” spokesman Stuart Kendrick said. “We deeply regret the impact this has had on our employees and our customers and communities that have enjoyed the privilege of serving for many years.”

At the end of the domestic service, Greyhound’s American parents will continue to operate the five cross-border routes that begin or end in the United States:

  • Toronto First Buffalo, NY
  • Toronto to New York City
  • Montreal to Boston
  • Montreal to New York City
  • From Vancouver to Seattle

Greyhound Canada has been operating in one form or another for over a century.

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