June 3, 2023

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Guests, attendees, fans and anti-monarchy campaigners have flocked to London ahead of the ceremony

Charles III wanted a “modern” coronation

The coronation of King Charles will take on many traditions that date back to the 10the century The new sovereign did not hide his desire to modernize the ceremony, if certain elements remained unchanged. Here’s what we know about his plans for his mother Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953.

  • Fewer guests and a shorter ceremony

Seventy years ago, 8,000 people would attend the coronation at Westminster Abbey. This reduction is in accordance with Charles’ wishes “rational” Monarchy, for example, reduces the number of active members of the royal family to seven. The duration of the ceremony was to be reduced from nearly three hours in 1953 to just over an hour.

At Elizabeth II’s coronation, almost all women of the royal family or aristocracy wore tiaras. The dress code for Charles’ coronation has yet to be confirmed, but it appears that women will wear hats or headscarves, except for the most senior members of the royal family.

  • Scantily clad aristocrats

A limited number of seats for MPs and Lords, who are members of the Upper House of Parliament, are allocated by vote. In 1953, more than 800 MPs and nobles – dukes, marquises, earls, viscounts and barons, who took their seats and titles – attended in long purple velvet coats. The succession of titles in the House of Lords was reformed in 1999, this time its members were asked not to wear this special dress. They may instead choose to use it for the Sovereign’s Address to Parliament or for formal wear.

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Camilla’s crown was passed to Charles’ great-grandmother, Queen Mary, in 1911. She will be the first queen consort in three centuries to be replaced by a new crown.

The oil used for abhishek is free of animal products and includes sesame, jasmine, cinnamon, neroli, benzoin, amber and orange blossom olive oil. Traditionally, it included ambergris from whale gut.

Orthodox Greeks will sing at the coronation for the first time, paying tribute to Charles’ father, Prince Philip, who is from the Greek royal family. Byzantine Sand Group, Conducted by Alexander Lingus, an Orthodox music teacher, it was created especially for the occasion. Ascension Singer It will also be the first gospel choir to sing for the coronation.

For the first time, women will be included among scholarship students, King’s scholars From a select Westminster school, participates in the ceremony. In 1953, the institution accepted only boys. A group of students will praise the king in Latin: Long live Rex Carolus! (“Long live King Charles!”)

Elizabeth traveled in an ornate but uncomfortable 260-year-old Gold State coach. Charles and Camilla will only use it for their return. For outdoor travel, they chose a modern Diamond Jubilee state coach equipped with vibration absorbers and air conditioning. They will travel much less (two kilometres) than the return trip to Elizabeth, which takes two hours to cover over seven kilometres.

Compared to the 29,000 members of the armed forces in 1953, the return procession to Buckingham Palace will be small. The royal couple will be accompanied by nearly 4,000 soldiers, including musicians.

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