Gyms are closing and school rules changing again as Quebec tightens COVID-19 restrictions in some areas

Quebec Premier Franுவாois LeCall has announced that he will tighten COVID-19 restrictions in the red and orange zones of the province.

“Variations forced operations in four regions last week,” Legalt said Tuesday, adding that the situation in Montreal could change rapidly when it is under control.

“The situation is fragile and it will become important very quickly. That is why we need to take preventive measures in the red and orange zones.”

The new measures include the closure of gyms, the return of hybrid learning to high school students in grades 9, 10 and 11, as well as a maximum of 25 people allowed in places of worship – from 250.

The move comes two weeks after students were ordered back to school and given the green light to re-open gyms after being closed for more than six months.

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High school students will begin alternating between one-day classroom learning and one-day online learning until next Monday, April 12, and extracurricular activities in schools will be canceled.

Indoor sports will be reduced until Thursday as gyms close. Legalt noted that the restrictions in effect in February would be similar, meaning the pools would be open and individual games such as tennis and badminton would be allowed to play one on one.

In the Orange Zones, masks will be mandatory for all elementary school students, and places of worship will only be allowed to welcome a maximum of 100 people.

However, the curfew order remains unchanged in the red and orange zones, with persons staying at home from 9:30 pm to 5 am

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However, Legalt warned that the government would not hesitate to move the curfew order forward until 8 p.m.

According to Health Minister Christian Dube, the situation that requires additional restrictions is an increase in hospital admissions.

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The maximum efficacy for COVID-19 patients in intensive care was reduced from 380 to 300, he explained due to staff shortages. The change was made on Tuesday and is forcing the province to act more prudently.

If the number of ICUs starts to increase rapidly, we will need additional measures, ”Dubey said.

On Tuesday, Quebec was admitted to 514 hospitals, of which 121 patients were being treated in intensive care.

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The Prime Minister reiterated that regional health authorities have been asked to expeditiously stop activities that violate the COVID-19 health rules.

The letter, sent to regional health directors on Monday, states that there is no need to wait until the end of the investigation before closing a place with the current powers granted under the provincial public health law.

In a good news, Dube announced that vaccinations will be open to people over 60 in the province. He said public health has volunteered to launch vaccines for groups 8 and 9, and that adults with chronic health conditions are more likely to be exposed to COVID-19 and essential workers.

Together, those two groups represent about 900,000 people. Details of the new phase will be released on Wednesday.

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