December 9, 2022

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Hasbro will turn you into an action figure starting this week

Hasbro will turn you into an action figure starting this week

Person holding his own action figure from the Scarlett Selfie series.

picture: Hasbro

Back in July, Hasbro revealed that it had partnered with 3D printing company, Formlabs, to allow attendees at San Diego Comic-Con Create a custom action figure with their own resemblance. Availability was very limited, but today Hasbro finally revealed when anyone can order a character from the Selfie series, and unfortunately a slightly higher price tag now.

Starting Friday, September 30, collectors who have always wanted to immortalize themselves as a six-inch action figure can download the Hasbro mobile app (either on Android or iOS) and use it to order a custom figure from the Selfie series. But as you can probably imagine, placing an order isn’t quite as easy as buying a new version number with a few clicks on the Hasbro Pulse website, given the customization involved.

Demand is limited to the Hasbro mobile app for the simple reason that anyone who wants a character from the Selfie series needs to submit headshots, and all modern smartphones include front cameras with enough resolution to easily take the photos needed to create a 3D model. The application process requires submitting at least five images of the head, including the required front view, as well as several angled shots left and right, with equal lighting, nothing obstructing the face, and using the same facial expressions in each image.

Examples of male and female Ghostbusters Selfie Series characters.

picture: Hasbro

The ordering process then requires customers to make many different decisions including choosing the hair style that best suits their style from 50 different options, their hair color, and their facial hair styling from one of 14 different options, then selecting the look they want. to become. Choices include Stormtrooper, X-Wing pilot, Leia, Mandalorian, Black Panther, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Red Power Ranger, Pink Power Ranger, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Ghostbuster male or female.

A bearded person shows off his Power Rangers Selfie Series.

picture: Hasbro

In July, Hasbro set a $60 price tag for the Selfie Series numbers, but today the company announced they’ll be a bit more expensive at $80 each, but will still include packaging designed specifically for the specific shape type. What hasn’t changed is how long it takes to convert the sent images to a 3D model and then 3D print them. Delivery times start at 45 days from the time of order, but this can change over time as order increases, up to 60 days.

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