Hashtag Trending, May 7, 2021 – Top Canada Technology Companies of 2021; Facebook closes signal ads; Google Docs VS Word

LinkedIn publishes a list of Canada’s best companies, the technology sector is well represented, stops advertising from the Facebook signal, and is on Twitter against Google Docs and Word

This is all the popular tech news right now. Welcome to Hashtag Trending! This is Friday, May 7th, I am your host Alex Coop.

LinkedIn has unveiled its 2021 list of the best companies in the top 25 places to grow a business. The third annual list, according to the Center, is compiled with “Unique Center Data” which also analyzes how companies invest in their employees. RBC, DT and Scotiabank are in the top 3, while Alphabet and Bell are in 4th and 5th place respectively. Other technology companies in the top 10 include SAP and Deloitte, while IBM lost that identity by taking 11th place. Many of the companies on the list, including technology companies, are currently being hired. [Check out the list here]

Signal’s smart ad exposes Facebook’s creepy data collection From Technology

After running a series of ads highlighting how personal data from Instagram users explodes with ads, the encrypted messaging app Signal was kicked off Instagram’s ad site. In a blog post released earlier this week, Signal called for user privacy policies for both Instagram and its parent company, Facebook. Both social media companies use the same technology and platform. In a tweet on May 4, Signal said, “We wanted to use Instagram ads to highlight how advertising technology is invading your privacy. Instead, Facebook closed our account. ”This may not come as a big surprise to many, but both Facebook and Instagram have access to all the data that users create when they view their home feeds. In addition to personal information such as age and location, the information collected may include job type, relationship status, real estate opportunities, O, and skin care routine and musical interests.

Finally, Twitter provoked an emotional war This week between Google Doc and Word users. When a user raises a point about how General Z does not use Microsoft Word, the reaction is quick. Many people, including myself, noticed the popularity of Google Docs and immediately panicked that they were charging for the service. Fortunately not so. Many have pointed out how Microsoft Office licenses that come with other software, including Word, can cost up to $ 150 a year. While Word is a browser equivalent, others say it is not compatible with Google Docs.

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