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Here’s what’s included in the free Hogwarts Legacy Summer Update

Here’s what’s included in the free Hogwarts Legacy Summer Update

Hogwarts Legacy isn’t very much a live game, and it doesn’t appear to be adding any paid DLC in the future. But, only Portkey and WB have it Announce A summer update is coming next week on June 6 that adds some new odds and ends to the game, including one feature that fans have wanted since launch. Here’s a list of what’s coming:

  • Picture mode (!)
  • Ability to reset talent points
  • The Haunted Hogsmeade Quest
  • Glasses That Live (Harry Glasses)
  • Prisoner of Azkaban uniform and coat
  • Felix Felice potion recipe
  • Lavender Borealis Broom
  • Onyx Hippogriff Mountain

So, it’s a fair amount of stuff, even if the only “new” content is the Haunted Hogsmeade quest. This is not technically new, as it is the version of the PlayStation exclusive mission that launched the game, which will now be available on all platforms. The same applies to the potion that was exclusive to pre-order. It marks the location of large loot chests on the mini-map.

The most popular part here is the introduction of photo mode, a feature I think all games should have, but many keep patching after the fact. The ability to reset talent points is also nice, but it’s not a full New Game Plus mode, which is another thing that should be standard that all games should have, but Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t have.

Since its release, Hogwarts Legacy has sold over 25 million copies and was the best-selling game of 2023, besting even Call of Duty that year, something no non-Rockstar game has ever done. But the future of the game is still unclear, as no sequel has been announced, and Warner Bros. has wondered if it could be a sequel. We’ve recently announced what a Harry Potter streaming service might look like, despite Legacy’s huge success being based largely on being a single-player game. The player experience is free of microtransactions.

Once again, it doesn’t look like there’s any significant DLC coming for Hogwarts Legacy. It looked like a Quidditch game could have been added, but instead, WB has made its own separate multiplayer game that will undoubtedly be monetized, unlike Hogwarts Legacy itself.

I’m not sure if these are enough things to come back to the game for, unless you just want to mess around in photo mode, but it’s nice to have something free, I suppose, and that those PlayStation exclusives are finally widely available.

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