Hoaglander scores twice as much as the Canucks Ducks Slumping Jets

Winnipeg – Canucks topped the Winnipeg Jets 3-1 on Monday, but the win was not enough to keep Vancouver’s dim playoff hopes alive.

The Kanex (21-26-3) were officially eliminated from the playoff race the day before on the fourth and final place finish of the Montreal Canadians Northern Division with a 4-3 extra time loss to the Edmonton Oilers.

Rookie forward Niles Hoglander scored twice for Vancouver on Monday, and Bo Harvard added another strike, blasting a shot from above the fold in the first period.

Kyle Connor had a separate goal for the Jets (28-23-3), who have lost nine of their last 10 missions.

Thatcher Demo had 39 savings and collected his 14th win of the Vancouver season. Winnipeg’s Laurent Prosit stopped 31 shots at 28.

Vancouver is under all Canadian divisions, with six games on the table. The Jets sat in third place and took the playoff spot.

Connor had several chances to add to Winnipeg’s goal total on Monday, with less than seven minutes on the clock.

He entered the Knox zone and fired at Demco, who he saved, but could not recover. Connor took the buck and unleashed another, this time Demco squeezing it between his bats and he fell on his back.

Hoaglander regained Vancouver’s two-goal lead of 10:16 to take third place, taking the buck at the speed of neutral zone traffic. He went fast at the tip of the jets and appeared to have sent the net to the front of the net to Brock Poser when he jumped from the hand of Vignette defender Josh Morris on the last proside.

It was the Swede’s second goal of the night and the 12th goal of the season.

Vancouver’s J.D. After Miller was called to the cut, the Jets even seemed to be short on 2-2 in the second period power play.

The red goal light was turned off after a sharp angle shot from Mark Schiff hit Demko’s shoulder and a distant post, but the ice officer quickly and firmly did not mark any target.

Winnipeg 0 for 3 in the power play, Vancouver failed to take advantage of a man.

Connor cut Vancouver’s lead into the opening half at 10:44, advancing 2-1 with one shot and just below the crossbar.

The goal smashed an eight-game point drought for Connor, who has 23 goals this season.

After Matthew Haymore sent the bucks off the boards from the final boards, Conax took a two-goal lead 7:21. It went back to Harvard just above the fold and the Canucks captain got a shot inside.

Celebrated with the Harvard Double Fist Pump. This goal was his 17th season, but since April 18th.

Hoaglander opened the scoring at 3:04 in Monday’s game, forcing Ville Heinola to turn the Canucks into the blue line and attempting to break away.

Proside stopped the initial blast, but Hoaglander regenerated and appeared in the backhand shot.

The Jets and Conax will meet again in Winnipeg on Tuesday. The Jets lead 5-3 in the nine-game season.

Notes: Jets goalie Connor Hellebok is out with a minor injury. “Eric Camry backed Proside on Monday? Winnipeg’s Jordi Ben played in his first game against his former team. 22-year-old Forward Will Lockwood has been called up from the Udica Comets of the Hockey League.

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