October 2, 2023

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Hunter Greene was placed on IL with a shoulder injury

Hunter Greene was placed on IL with a shoulder injury

Milwaukee – Already close to his total innings from all of last year’s minors, the Reds’ rookie player started Hunter Green She was feeling the effects of her workload with two months remaining until the end of the 2022 season.

When Greene wasn’t feeling well during Friday’s bulls session, Cincinnati didn’t take the risk and put him on the 15-day injured list on Friday with a strain in his right shoulder.

“He will come back to see it and take a test,” said Reds manager David Bale. “It’s serious enough to go to IL but hopefully nothing more serious than putting him off for 15 days and then getting him back so he can finish his first season here strong. It was disconcerting to take a closer look and put a pause on things for at least 15 days.”

The move is retroactive to Tuesday. Greene in the list has been replaced by diluent Ryan Hendrickswhich was recalled from Triple-A Louisville.

“Just a slight strain in the arm,” Green said. “I just want to be careful with that and go for it the right way. We’ll just see where it goes.”

Green will fly to Cincinnati on Saturday to be seen by team doctors.

“It’s frustrating to have to deal with it, but it is what it is,” Green said. “We are definitely looking forward to the positives to come back as soon as possible.”

Green made 102 2/3 innings this season after working 106 1/3 in 2021 for Double-A Chattanooga and Triple-A Louisville in ’21. Prior to debuting in the major leagues in April, he scored a total of 179 runs over three minor league seasons, which included a gap of more than two years from shooting due to Tommy John’s surgery on his right elbow and the cancellation of the Minor 20 League. season due to COVID-19.

“You definitely want to keep pushing,” Green said. “I don’t want to set a timetable [the injury]. We’ll see where you go.”

Green was scheduled to start on Sunday in exchange for beer. A replacement has not been announced. Team rotation has already seen veterans leave Luis Castillo And the Tyler Mahley In trading over the past week.

during Monday 3-1 victory for the Reds On the Marlins, 22-year-old Greene was sharp as he made six goalless innings with one hitter allowed, two hitters and eight hits.

“It’s something that he actually feels from time to time and felt a little bit more during his last start,” Bell said. “We thought he’d be fine, and he even threw the day, and that’s when he felt like a little more than usual.”