‘I went to M&S, the so-called best supermarket in London, and it was so awesome I wanted to go’ – Madeline Musen

When it comes to supermarket experiences, M&S has always been a solid provider. Not that I spend the supermarket vibes (I do) ranking my spare time, but I post there that M&S ​​is very high on the vibration list. May have teamed up first with the waitresses – the two dominant queens of the supermarket experience.

The lowest on the list of vibrations is obviously Morrisons and ASDA, they both have weird lights and energy that makes you want to go inside as quickly as possible. People have a reason to go to waitresses and M&S cafes – they don’t want to leave.

In the middle of the road apparently Sainsbury & Tesco is on a drive (throat cut and busy to my liking, not enough strolls, a lot of kids are crying) and even though it’s not technically a supermarket, Poundland is the worst of them all – like, what’s that weird Poundland smell? Can anyone please tell me?

I worked for an M&S company when I was 17, so I may be biased, but I like to think that M&S ​​is the nicest ship to collect your weekly store – or even three to pop into a Percy pig pocket.

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Then I heard about the final boss. The Godfather of Supermarket Vibrations. An M&S in London seems so sweet, people actually take time out of their lives to rate it on Google – 618 of them! It is a Stunning 4.8 stars. This is more than my Uber passenger rating!

M&S at the Club Meet, according to reviews, is “the best grocery store in London” and “always well stocked, organized, modern and clean”.

One reviewer said: “I have to say I was impressed. This M&S is incomparable to any I’ve seen before, making our Chelsea store look disgraceful.


“A person greets you at the entrance and hands you baskets, this shop is 100 percent brand new with an amazing design that makes you stay longer and come to the store.

“Easy access everywhere, great bakery island, and the food selection is amazing! Most importantly – there aren’t a lot of tests and queues! I’d love to see this again!”

So obviously I had to visit it.

When I arrived at the club junction, I actually passed M&S several times and realized that the clock had never ticked. Special Ms. On the outside it looks like your Bokeh Standard M&S, but on the inside it looks like Tortis. An exotic, sexy tortoise.

I was really disappointed when I entered. Anyone who saw me thought I was crazy because my eyes were as wide as a deer and my students lingered when they saw someone you like. I was suffocating a little bit.

A full aisle of wine and cheese

Let me explain this to you: This is a muted gray color scheme that will make Made Chelsea actors hang out like a Swanky Shoreditch bar with warm yellow lights.

There were fresh, hot M&S ​​pizzas and everyone seemed to be in a great mood. All good things from M&S were plentiful. Do you like M&S tin cocktails? How to make a tail of tin cocktails.

The locations were all lit up with fancy neon labels like a club, and I wanted to chat with everyone as if I was drunk in the little girl’s toilets. I felt a real urge to take a nap – maybe I just wanted to go there and live there? I think I did. This is so much sweeter than the place I lived in London. Free rental if you sleep above ceiling tiles.

The wall of cans! The wall! Off! Cans!

In addition, the fruit and vegetables are all seasonal, and on display sans packaging – even better for the environment! He is an attractive and stable supermarket. Get an M&S that can do both.

Conclusion: This is the best supermarket experience I’ve ever had, and if it’s going to move me back to South London (Spoiler: I live in the North, I’ll never leave the South) this is the beast of a supermarket that looks so cute.

Anyone in the area whose aisles have not yet wandered – go there, you will not regret.

Sophia Harrison

Part time worker

I'm Sophia Harrison working as a part-time staff at the Costco since the past year until I become as an author at the iron blade, hope I can use my experiences with the supermarkets here.

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