Ikea works with Sonos on a hidden speaker you built in the art of hanging on the wall

IKEA and Sonos begin to tease the next products the two companies have collaborated on. Furniture giant today Posted an Instagram story Refers directly to that “Symphonic” line And finally the Sonos logo illuminates, so there is no doubt that new hardware will be coming soon. Two new filings have been filed with the Federal Communications Commission.

On the edge Upcoming details can be shared exclusively. First new product, This has been filed, Is an updated version of the Symphonic table lamp. It is expected to sell for the same price as the original product (9 179), which basically stuffed the sound quality of a Sonos Play: 1 into the body of a lamp.

But from what On the edge Understandably, the $ 99 Symphonis bookcase speaker – the most affordable gateway into the Sonos operating system – has not led to any major updates. Instead, the second product that IKEA and Sonos announce in 2021 is completely new: a piece of wall art with an integrated speaker.

IKEA and Sonos are also preparing an updated table lamp speaker.
Photo by Chris Welch / The Edge

There are companies like Soundwall Prior to this the artwork produced speakers, But it is safe to assume that IKEA and Sonos are targeting a dramatically lower price point than those more expensive products.

On the edge I saw the initial image of this product codenamed “Titan”, but the details of how it works are not yet known. In particular, it is not clear whether the entire artwork is a print product or whether the speaker unit will be moved between different outdoor art houses. One of two new FCC filings from IKEA and Sonos A “wireless module.” In the distance, it looks like one of IKEA’s wall prints, on the other hand only with more technology (and a power cord running from bottom to top).

So far Symphonisk products have all been designed with dual purpose in mind. The lamp combines a speaker and a light source; The bookshelf speaker can be used as a shelf when mounted on a wall. And they should blend into home decor. From that angle, combining artwork and a music speaker seems like a natural improvement over the symphonic series.

I have heard from a reasonable number of Sonos customers who use Symphonic bookcase speakers behind Sonos’ arc and beam soundbars. They work well for that purpose, but a stereo pair of wall art speakers can still create a slim home theater setting.

IKEA and Sonos have not yet released exactly when they plan to announce their latest joint venture. On the edge Approached Sonos for feedback. In the near future, Sonos is preparing to launch its new Sonos Rome, A product that leaked first On the edge, Which starts shipping on April 20th. You can read my Full review of that excellent little speaker.

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