Illness benefits available, foods ready to help provinces get vaccinated: P.M. Trudeau

OTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been reminding frontline workers that a federal sick leave benefit is available, and has been offering additional assistance to prime ministers to speed up their vaccination list, saying now is not the time to discuss who should pay for what.

His comments come as questions are being raised about the speed and availability of available vaccine appointments in some provinces, facing a third major uprising in the country.

In the second quarter of the vaccine roll, more and more vaccines are coming to Canada each week, although the increase in available footage is not enough to prevent the spread of the virus, with increasing cases triggering new strikes.

“This is not news that any of us would like, but hospital admissions are on the rise, ICU beds are being filled. Variations are spreading, and even those who believe they need not worry are sick,” Trudeau told a news conference Tuesday.

There have been reports of hundreds of unfilled vaccination appointments in Ontario and Quebec over the past few days, while both provinces have seen an increase in new COVID-19 cases, including explosions that involve essential workplaces such as factories.

By delivering a message directly to frontline workers, Trudeau brought the benefits of existing Canada recovery diseases. Now extended to two weeks, it offers paid sick leave to those who do not provide workplaces. “Now no one is going to get sick,” he said.

Qualification Widget recently extended, And the benefit offers $ 500 per week, up to four weeks now. It cannot be claimed if the employee has taken sick leave through their workplace.

The Prime Minister spoke directly with Ontario Premier Duck Ford on Tuesday about the spike in his province, and then said it was important for all prime ministers to be vaccinated as soon as possible later in the week.

“We know that not only in Ontario, but across the country and in various jurisdictions they make decisions that they think are appropriate to keep people safe … I’m going to check with him to see what we can do as a federal government to help get Ontarians and really all Canadians quickly,” Trudeau said.

Trudeau also mentioned the federal government’s final $ 700 million installment Billion 19 billion “safe restart” deal Sent to provinces on Tuesday, and is expected to send more money if needed. The fund was initially set up ahead of the second wave to help provinces safely reopen their economies in an effort to increase funding for the PPE and to prevent further explosions through testing and tracking.

“The federal government has paid for the vaccines and we are pleased to continue to help with more resources as needed because this is not the time to go back and forth on who should pay for what. It is time to do everything we can to vaccinate as many people as possible,” Trudeau said.

Asked a few times directly if he thought the provinces were vaccinating enough, Health Minister Patti Hajdu would not say, he just considers that the provinces need to be vaccinated as soon as possible to work with their current and upcoming products.

“It is difficult for me to give you a general answer as the provinces and regions across the country have very different strategies, but what I can tell you is that we are meticulously looking forward to assisting any province or region. The challenge in vaccinating,” Hajdu said.

Ford, who weighed in on his state of affairs in the province and federal news on Tuesday afternoon, told reporters Tuesday afternoon that the reason hundreds of thousands of vaccines are still in the freezer in that province is because they have arrived in the last few days.

“For the past few days, they have actually landed on our doorstep. It’s a day for delivery, we’ve put it out, we’re ready to go. We’re ready to go,” he said.

In the face of this third major outbreak of the epidemic, more than 59,000 active cases across the country as of Tuesday morning face renewed criticism from the federal government and official opposition.

Prior to Trudeau’s announcement, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole had called for a national public inquiry into the epidemic and was pressing the federal government to appoint a “special monitor” within the Office of the Auditor General to monitor the current epidemic in Canada.

We are affected by the third wave of COVID-19. We are returning to where we were a year ago. Canadians are understandably frustrated and anxious. It doesn’t have to be this way, “said O’Toole. “The important thing is that this will never happen again … we will learn from the mistakes we have made.

Responding to a question about tensions between government levels, Trudeau said Canada was “in a state of exhaustion.” Not just families, workers, small businesses, frontline workers and leaders, ”he said, but his government did not try to blame or point a finger.

“Have we done everything right? No, of course not, ”Trudeau said.

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