December 1, 2023

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In Glasgow, the largest “representatives” … the fossil fuel lobby

At COP26 in Glasgow

Is the fossil fuel lobby better represented in COP26 in Glasgow than in any other country? This is where the voluntary charity Global Whiteses comes in, and has skinned it List of participants published by the UN at the beginning of COP26, Report

As a reminder, more than 40,000 people have been recognized. Among them, Global Wights includes representatives from more than 100 fuel companies, but also representatives from thirty professional associations in the field of fossil fuels, which computes Global Wights.

Even within representatives of several states

One of them International Association for Emissions Trade Rights (IETA)The NGO says it has 103 delegates, including three representatives of the British oil company BP. According to Global Vitesses, IETA is pushing for carbon offsetting and carbon trading by a number of major oil companies. Must be accurate in twenty-seven states, including Canada and Russia.

In total, at least 503 accredited participants in COP26 are associated with the fossil fuel industry, so Global Vitesses estimates that they are lobbying or likely to do so. This is more than any other official delegation sent by countries. In Brazil, 479 people were sent to Glasgow, followed by Turkey (376), which was not very ambitious in climate talks. Then there is the Democratic Republic of the Congo (373), Ghana (337), Russia (312), Great Britain, the organizer of this COP26, which has a group of 230 members.

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More than the combined representatives of the eight countries most affected

The fossil fuel lobby has more members than the combined representatives of the eight countries most affected by climate change over the past twenty years, and Global Speeds points out. Is this the black spot of COP26? “The fossil fuel industry has been delaying the actual action in the climate crisis for decades, which is why this is a big problem,” said Murray Worthy, head of the ‘Gas’ campaign. Global Speeds. Their influence is one of the main reasons why the twenty-five-year climate talks have not led to a real reduction in global emissions. “