In the Montreal region of Quebec, the government is tightening public health measures in the orange zones

Prime Minister Franois LeCult says sanctions are being tightened in red zones such as the Quebec Montreal area.

Starting Thursday, gyms will be closed again and synagogues will be limited to 25, down from 250.

Starting next week, high school students in secondary 3, 4 and 5 will again attend a class on alternative schedules. Additional curricular activities will be discontinued as some transfer evidence has been proven, Legalt said.

Legold said pools, skating rinks and private sports will be allowed in the red zones.

The curfew order currently set at 9:30 pm in the Montreal area will not change, but if the situation does not improve, the government may decide to move it to 8 pm, Legalt said.

In the Orange Zones of Quebec, elementary students will now have to wear masks at school, Legalt said. Worship homes will also be limited to 100 people, and there will be more health activities in facilities such as gyms, sports centers and restaurants.

Public health officials have been told to immediately close the blast sites to investigate and isolate workers.

“The situation is under control. However, we are watching it very closely from one hour to the next,” Legalt said.

“April will be an important, crucial month.”

Citing the improved COVID-19 situation in Quebec last month, the government allowed the reopening of gyms in the provinces on March 26 and authorized the resumption of some group games.

In the weeks that followed, some departments in the province saw a sudden increase in the number of cases, with Quebec starting to lock up municipalities last week, starting in Quebec City, Lewis and Catino.

Some sectors now have special operations, while Capitol-National, Saudier-Appalachians and Outlays are red zones. The Laurentians, Lanadier and Lower Saint-Lawrence areas are also red zones.

The Orange Zones are the Eastern Townships, Mauritius and Center-to-Quebec and Sagune-Lock-Saint-Jean.

Cட்te d’Ivoire, Casps-el-de-la-Madeleine and Nord-du-Quebec are yellow, allowing people there to live with limited public health activities.

Travel to these yellow zones will not be allowed from Thursday, and any other trips are strongly encouraged.

Lecolt supported Yo-Yoing in his public health measures, saying the situation is constantly changing. He said even public health experts found it difficult to predict what was coming.

Legalt said that although it is temporary, opening things up for a short period of time allows people to briefly return to the activities they want, which is good for mental health.

Considering what is happening in Ontario with the increase in cases and hospitals, he said Quebec should take preventive measures to avoid disaster.

“No one can say for sure where we will be in a week or two,” Legalt said, urging residents to do their part by following public health measures and avoiding family gatherings.

He said the government was doing all it could to make the best decisions for the province, but the situation was developing in ways no one expected.

“We tried to give it a little bit of freedom to maintain that balance,” Legalt said. “Should we close everything in March and reopen in April? Well, there is no instruction manual.”

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