February 9, 2023

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Influencers organize their New Year celebration on the plane and create controversy

It was a difficult evening to cross. To celebrate New Year, A group of Canadian influencers and reality TV personalities gather on a party flight to Cancun (
Mexico), Reports France Info. In the pictures posted on social networking sites, we see them dancing, drinking and smoking without wearing a mask.

For their part, the Canadians To control the spread of the Omigran variant they were locked inside their homes and not allowed to get up together. Thus the films caused great controversy and outrage
Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister. “When the mob that has no design [une bande d’idiots] He decides to go on vacation like an astrologer, which is very frustrating and depressing, ”he said.

Large fines and job loss

For some who attended the celebration, it was difficult to return to Canada RTL. Some were stranded in Mexico for several days as no airline wanted to transport them. Others have been fined the equivalent of 500,000 euros or lost their jobs.

At the same time, Canada has decided to tighten the noose on those who are not vaccinated. From January 18, They cannot buy alcohol or cannabis, Their vaccine is available over the counter in this country, without showing a passport. This measure may be extended to other businesses.

“If they do not want to be vaccinated, we will make sure they understand that they will be at home,” said Quebec Health Minister Christian Dupe. The government has gone even further: people who lose their jobs because they are not vaccinated can no longer receive unemployment benefits. For him, it was a question of responsibility.

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