Instagram Duet Introduces Dicto-Like Reels Remix Feature: Here’s How You Can Use It

Instagram copies a popular feature from Dictoc, which allows users to duet. Instagram calls this the “remix” feature. Users can now use an original clip and add its reaction to the page or be creative with their ideas. RJ Sukrithi, R.J. Indicates that it was published by Abhinav and other content creators.

“Now you can create your own reel next to the existing one using the remix feature on the reels. Whether you capture your reaction, respond to friends or bring your own magic to trends, the remix is ​​another way to make a splash on Instagram, ”Instagram posted on their Twitter account on March 31st.

How to remix a reel?

# To remix a reel, tap the three dots on the bottom right of the screen.

# Tap on the “Remix This Reel” option.

# Record or upload your own video visible on the original reel page.

# You can use different tools to make changes, including changing its audio on the original reel or turning the volume up and down. You can add a voiceover.

It should be noted that only the newly uploaded reels enable the remix option. However, if you want others to remix your old reels, you can enable the feature manually. You need to open the reel, tap the three dots again, and then select “Enable remixing”. If you do not want people to remix your reels, you can go to settings, tap reels and disable the option.

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