Intel uses machine learning to make GTA V incredibly realistic

One of the most impressive features of Grand Theft Auto Vs. How closely does the game’s San Andreas evaluate real life in Los Angeles and Southern California, but A new machine learning program The so-called “enhancement of photorealism” from Intel Labs can take that reality in a restless photovoltaic directionVia Kismodo).

Processes researchers Stephen R. To really appreciate it you have to look at it in motion, but the combination of slightly washed lights, smooth pavement and reliable reflective cars sells the fact that you see the real street from the real dashboard, even if it is all virtual.

Intel researchers claim that some of that photosynthesis came from the data they fed into the neural network. The panel provides a more in-depth and complete explanation of how image development actually works In their paper (PDF), But as I understand it, the City Views Database It was used – mostly built from photos of German streets – filled with a lot of details. It’s blurry and has a different angle, but it’s almost like the smooth, interactive version of scrolling through the street view of Google Maps. It may not sound like completely real, but it seems to be built from real things.

Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus GTA V Itself. Those “G-buffers”, as researchers call them, include data such as the distance between objects in the game and the camera, and the quality of the systems, such as the brightness of the cars.

Although you have not seen the official “photosynthetic update” GTA V Tomorrow, you may have already played a game or watched a video that benefited from another type of machine learning – AI Rise. The process of using machine learning smart to explode graphics for higher resolutions is not shown everywhere, but is included Nvidia’s Shield TV And focused on various mod projects Improving the graphics of older games. In those cases, a neural network makes predictions to fill in the missing pixels from a low-resolution game, movie or TV show to achieve a higher resolution.

Photoshop should not be the only graphical target for video games (artistry aside, it seems to be a kind of creep), but this Intel Labs project shows that there is more room to grow on the software side of things. Source GPU power of new consoles and gaming PCs.

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