Internal emails reveal how badly Apple wanted to keep Netflix using in-app purchases

Internal emails revealed during Epic Game Vs. Apple case Show that Apple employees are considering offering Netflix special treatment to convince the streaming service not to drop in-app purchases. Running up Netflix removes its subscription offer In order to avoid Apple’s fees, a presentation distributed within Apple proposed to advertise Netflix in its retail stores, using a portion of its App Store commission fees to pay for search ads, and to compile Netflix with other Apple services.

Emails 9to5Mac, start with a description of a test that Netflix wants to run to explore the impact of disabling in-app purchases on iOS. As Carson Oliver, Director of App Store Business Management, wrote, Netflix’s main concern was the “voluntary depression” of subscribers through the App Store. The exact amounts have been revised, but it seems that Netflix subscribers have canceled the service from the App Store rather than affiliated subscribers in other ways like the Netflix website.

Carson Oliver summary of Netflix’s app purchase test.

There are also obvious financial reasons why Netflix wants to consider not using IAPs, as Apple is cutting the subscription fee by 30 percent as part of its App Store policy. Netflix can keep every monthly subscription without Apple’s cut.

In Apple’s first internal response to Netflix projects, Oliver asks if the company should consider punishing Netflix if it goes ahead with its test. There has been a gap of several months between the initial thread of emails and Apple’s subsequent Netflix discussions, but the tone seems to have changed as soon as Netflix promised to A / B to test the removal of in-app purchases.

An email from July 2018 showed that Apple employees had created a presentation in support of in-app purchases. This includes things Apple has done for Netflix and floating new deals such as offering subscriber discounts (Apple eventually Start something like that in 2020) And Netflix lets you determine what Netflix shows and writes movies in the Apple App Store.

Apple featured all the ads made on Netflix Editorial section of the App Store. In particular, Apple claims that Netflix has more features than any other partner, and that content written about streaming service programs has increased its downloads by six to seven percent.

But in the same presentation, Apple considered Netflix to offer many more benefits, some of which went beyond what the company had publicly offered to other developers – the “what we can do” section in the email stressed that the idea of ​​a full-fledged sky was not yet recognized. “

The presentation will include email campaigns dedicated to promoting Netflix usage, carving out a portion of the subscription fee for advertising in the App Store, and the opportunity for Netflix to be integrated with other Apple services before Apple launches. Apple TV Plus Or its Apple One Bundle.

Despite any discussion between the companies in the end, the in-use purchase is still out of use Netflix and the company does not seem to have been affected by it for a long time – Netflix Reached over 200 million subscribers In January 2021.

This full email companion also explains how Apple’s policies for developers have exceptions. Details are not fully explained in the presentation, but Apple brings the “video partner program benefits” to Netflix, which is similar to the deal It was cut with Amazon for Prime Video. For profitable and powerful partners, emails may be proof that Apple seems ready to offer deals.

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