Is Kalaher Injury Free Place to Move Timeline?

Prosard, Q.. – This could not be a money-making situation as Mark Berkevin, general manager of Montreal Canadians was expecting, for the moment, he did not need to get.

But Brendan Gallagher has been sidelined indefinitely with a broken right thumb and with five weeks left and changes remaining in the NHL regular season, he will not return before the Stanley Cup playoffs. If it’s confirmed he will not return – Gallagher will still have to consult with doctors before setting a recovery deadline – he could be placed on a long-term injury reserve list, which means Canadians could add a pay cap and a player (or players) to his $ 3.75 million win.

There is no doubt that Berkeley will have the stone. Like the rest of the Canadians.

“He’s the engine. He really is, ”Montreal co-ordinator Jack Allen said Tuesday. “Even when I’m not here and part of this organization, you know from a distance that this guy’s machine is the bulldog. He’s there for fun. You know what you’re getting from the joke in every game. He’s going to be in the hard areas, he’s going to do what you have to do, price to win. have to give. “

If you can’t keep the stone, having money to do some shopping before the April 12 trading deadline may help.

For now, the 29-year-old winger has not been assigned to the LTIR. While the Canadians are scheduled to play the final game of the season, he could not have been there if there had been a chance of him returning before May 11th.

If it comes to the fact that Gallagher’s recovery will take at least a long time, it gives Berkevin some flexibility that he did not think would be ahead of time – and not only financial flexibility, but also flexibility of inventory. Because, even if it was still possible, he would move from team to team to add one to another so he could escape without doing so.

Berkeley has said he has loved his team for weeks, and he and Canadians coach Dominic Ducham have both talked about the need to extend it all. A serious advantage is that you can add to the list without subtracting from the list, having played 21 games over 34 before the grind of the playoffs takes place. This is an advantage that only gets bigger when the playoffs start and they continue.

In the worst case, cap flexibility would be a consolation for Gallagher’s short absence.

Carry price day by day with minimal physical injury

When Price stretched himself in the second period of the game on Monday and struggled with his right leg, it was clear he was not 100 percent.

As the game wore on, there was no doubt about it as Price kept his folds around.

As Duchem confirmed on Tuesday that Golder has suffered a minor injury, which “continues for a while”, you had to wonder what the Canadians think would allow him to continue playing.

When asked by a reporter, Ducherme replied, “Because the information we have is that it is not dangerous for his season or his life.”

However, Price has a long injury history, as well as a long history of deciding to play through injuries when he shouldn’t. Allowing him to continue and thinking it would not affect his life does not seem to be a prudent approach or a clever, 33-year-old eight-year, $ 84-million deal.

We understand that price is the owner player and that Canadians feel he has to play to get the best chance to win. We also acknowledge that his pride and competitiveness are reasons to be respected as much as he is.

But the Canadians traded to give Allen all the rest he needed, so he could be the best when he was most important, and it would make a lot of sense for Price Nursing to be firm with an injury in that plan.

The precaution they take when leaving home for Wednesday’s game in Toronto, as Ducham said, is to “take care of it and make sure he can come back 100 percent,” which should be taken when he is initially injured. Regardless of how the rest and treatment leaves a sense of price, it should be taken throughout the rest of this week.

After Wednesday’s game against the Maple Leafs, the Winnipeg Jets play Canadians at the Bell Center on Thursdays and Saturdays. Ducham said it was possible for Allen to play on both Wednesday and Thursday and that it would be a better plan than switching prices for less than 100 percent.

If Allen wants to rely on coach Charlie Lindgren or Caden Prime on Thursday or Saturday, it will keep the price down and allow him to continue playing with a chronic injury.

Chasing maple leaves is a lofty task

Wednesday’s game will be the first match of the remaining five between Montreal and Toronto, with the Canadians going 1-2-1 in the first four.

They enter the game with four games in hand, but 12 points are back in the levels. Allen, who faces Toronto backup Jack Campbell, who has won all nine of his starts this season – knows what kind of challenge he and his teammates face.

“It was the biggest test against the No. 1 team in the division,” he said. “Obviously our biggest competitor, they have a good hockey team. So, I think this is an opportunity to set our bar where we want it to be, they just have it. It’s a good measuring stick, we can go out there and compete hard and continue to play hard. This is a great opportunity to build here and have fun. ”

With 12 starts, Allen has 5-3-4 and .922 savings percentages. He must have been in his best effort to get Campbell’s specialty, he got a .944 savings percentage.

Jesperi Kotkaneemi to the right, Joel Armia in the adjustment

With Gallagher down, Kotkaneemi will take his place next to Philip Donald and Tomas Tatar to start the game on Wednesday.

This is a position the center will be comfortable with as the right-hander played a significant part of his last season in Finland before making his debut with the Canadians in 2018.

The downside of this decision is easy to see – temporarily removing a natural and emerging centurion from office – but the downside is that Kotkaneemi will have the opportunity to play with two players who have combined for 16 points in their last seven games.

“It’s always an honor to play with them,” the 20-year-old said. “They are the best players. It couldn’t be better than having the opportunity to show what I’ve got with those types of players. They are both very good with the buck, so I have to fill the dirty part of the joke, the five foot character a little, and I will try to help Bill and Tuna as much as I can. ”

Kotkaneemi knew he could not be a stonemason, and Ducharm did not expect him to be.

“I want him to be KK,” the coach said. “He’s great when he’s changing, when he’s sliding, when he’s carrying a buck and when he’s physically and when he’s using his shot and his skill.”

The Kotkanimi wing has the potential to do just that in the short term.

Armia, who was placed on COVID-19 protocol two weeks ago after testing positive for the virus variant, emerged from isolation on Tuesday and may return long ago.

“There’s a way to reshape him before he gets the ice,” Ducham said. “When you can not even do a push-up for two weeks, you’ll get a job to return to an NHL game. He has a plan to get back in shape, but he’s back with the team.”

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