December 1, 2023

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Israel lowers booster age to 50

In the hope of combating the new pollution linked to the delta type, the Israeli government reduced the age limit to 50 on Thursday night from 12 August to 13 August.

The Hebrew government launched an attempt two weeks ago to get a third dose of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine for people 60 and older, although the country’s generally followed US Drug Enforcement Agency (FDA) does not rule it out.

In the process, Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett announced that the minimum age for receiving this booster dose has been reduced to 50 years. “The vaccination campaign for people 60 and older is a great success (…) This is an important step in the fight against delta diversity and I call on everyone over the age of 50 to take action. Vaccinate in the morning in order tomorrow (Friday)The Prime Minister of Israel announced in a statement that the decision had been verified by a panel of experts.

Test the effectiveness of the third dose

Israel was one of the first countries to launch a massive vaccination campaign in mid-December under a deal with Pfizer, which quickly paid millions in fees in exchange for data on the outcome. The campaign has drastically reduced the number of cases, but in recent weeks pollution has started to increase again due to the spread of the delta variant in unvaccinated adults but also in people who were vaccinated six months ago.

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So the challenge for local health officials is to administer the booster dose in the hope of strengthening the protection provided by vaccines for the elderly at high risk. However, the World Health Organization has called for a ban on these booster doses for poor countries where vaccination rates are low to drop more vaccines. The Prime Minister responded that the administration of this booster dose in Israel, which has a population of nine million, would not affect global stocks but rather allow the testing of the 3rd dose to be effective.