Jake Ball was targeted by several MMA fighters after the Ben Askreen knockout, including Tyrone Woodley, PJ Ben, and Dillon Danis

There is no shortage of potential opponents after Jack Paul has done short jobs I Askreen On Saturday.

The YouTube star at the pole It takes less than two minutes to close the screen And the first round TKO win at the main event of the hugely popular Thriller Fight Club. Much of the boxing competition revolved around the acclaim of the retired Msgr. Robbie Lawler. So as he declined against Paul, many notable MMA fighters sped up on social media to challenge social media celebrities.

Askrin’s close friend and teammate may be the primary Tyrone Woodley, Paul, who was a few feet away in the corner of Askron on the night of the fight, took the victory.

Woodley responded to Paul’s bad tweet, threatening to take him out if they ever met in the ring.

“Have fun saying you’re a fighter another day,” Woodley wrote. “Try against me that I catch a body [Jake Paul]. You gang with shovels. I will not go down in a pillow fight with them. ”

Woodley is not the only former UFC champion to offer his services P.J.Ben He tagged the thriller and told them, “Send me a contract and I will happily tap this F * checker in one round.”

Surprisingly, longtime milk competitor Dillon Danis “Let the MMA save the community,” he added, calling for a fight.

Denise and Paul have been embroiled in a series of fights, including an incident in which Paul targeted Denise last December. Water balloon attack by a driver. The possible fit attracted the interest of President Blatter Scott Coker, Who said He will be ready to book two fight series Two matches were contested under the rules of boxing and the other under the rules of MMA.

Even UFC Vegas24 The main event winner Robert Whittaker When asked about the fight with Paul, he joked with reporters in the evening He will happily sign up for that match And at low cost What was given to Askron.

“Yeah, I’ll fight him less,” Whittaker said of Paul.

Other notable names include those who volunteered to fight Paul Matt Brown, Chris Life, And Jimmy Manua.

See more milk callouts below:

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