March 29, 2023

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January 2023 started with temperature record –

The year 2023 started with a new temperature record: in Telemont (JU), the thermometer reached 20.9 degrees. This is the highest temperature recorded north of the Alps in January.

As the meteorological service Meteonews pointed out on Sunday, this highest value so far was 19.4 degrees, which was measured in Lucerne on January 12, 1993. 24 degrees Celsius was recorded in January in Switzerland. It was recorded at the Ticino stations of Locarno-Monti and Lugano.

The mercury did not rise in other parts of French-speaking Switzerland. It reached 16.6 degrees in Geneva, 15.5 degrees in Lausanne (Bully) and 14.4 degrees in Fribourg, according to MeteoSwiss.

Many records

In the St. Gallen Rhine Valley and Liechtenstein, New Year’s Day was warm: the thermometer reached 20 degrees in Vaduz and 18.5 degrees in Bad Ragas. These are the new maximum values ​​for January at these stations.

Other temperature records for January were recorded in Aldorf, Uri province, where the thermometer reached 19.2 degrees at noon on Sunday. Earlier it was 18.5 degree Celsius. January records were reached at a dozen measuring stations, such as Zurich-Affoltern (16.3 degrees – 16 degrees so far).

It was cold south of the Alps on New Year’s Day. According to the MeteoSwiss Confederation’s meteorological service, the thermometer in Lugano reached a maximum of ten degrees during the day.

Warm air from Florida

Western Europe is currently very warm due to air masses forming in the subtropical Atlantic off the US state of Florida. As SRF Meteo pointed out, this event already occurred last year.

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Not only the hot air, but also the strong southwesterly winds caused high temperatures even at night. Thanks to these winds, warm air masses also mixed in the lower air layers. On New Year’s Day, the Met Office had already announced new temperature records in Switzerland.

With these mild temperatures, nature panics, causing some trees to sprout and daisies to invade gardens.

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