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Jeremy Renner appears shirtless on the cover of the magazine and shows scars from a snow plow accident

Jeremy Renner appears shirtless on the cover of the magazine and shows scars from a snow plow accident

Posted: 8:14 AM PDT, June 25, 2024

Jeremy Renner He wears his scars like a badge of honor!

the Mayor of Kingstown The star appears shirtless on the cover of the July/August issue of the magazine Men’s health Magazine for a full year and a half After surviving a snowfall accident Which left him on life support and with multiple serious injuries.

The 53-year-old actor has scars on the cover of the magazine The accident left him in critical condition He is forced to endure multiple operations on his back, shoulders and abdomen. Inside the space, a scar appears on his leg as he wears his workout shorts.

Jeremy Renner is on the cover of Men’s Health magazine’s July/August 2024 issue.Benedict Evans Men’s Health

“I never had scars before, maybe they were more emotional and spiritual scars, you know?” Renner says in a video to post the accompanying photo. “And now there are some physical conditions. But the physical conditions are not even from the accident, they are just that because From the accident. “It’s all just a reminder of the beautiful, beautiful day that could have been a really bad day.”

According to a redacted Washoe County Sheriff’s Office incident report Obtained by ETOn New Year’s Day 2023, Renner was towing his nephew Alex’s car after it got stuck in the snow. In the process, the snowplow started moving and Renner tried to prevent his nephew from getting hurt. The problem arose after the snowcat began “sliding sideways” and then “started rolling down the hill,” prompting Renner to jump from the machine. Renner was crushed by the machine in the process.

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As a result, hook The star suffered serious injuries, including more than 30 broken bones, including fractures to his ribs, knees, ankles, face, pelvis and hands. His other injuries included a collapsed lung, a punctured liver, and a bruise that left his left eye protruding from his face. Over the year since his accident, Renner has gone from barely walking to barely walking Move with the support of a caneto be able to walk on his own and Withstand rigorous daily training.

Renner remembers the moment he said he died after the accident, and what that means for his body today.

Jeremy Renner in Men’s Health July/August 2024 issue.Benedict Evans for Men’s Health

“I’m happy to be here,” he says, “and I will continue to nurture what you take with you: those shared experiences with those you love. It’s eternal, and you take it with you.” Men’s health. “It is continuous. There is no time, space, or space. It is wonderful. It is the mind’s eye. Not your vision. You do not need to see – you are dead. Vision is part of the stupid body. But the mind, the eye that you take with you, sees in your mind – that is death.

He adds: “What you can imagine with your eyes closed. It’s wonderful. It’s wonderful! And by the way, everyone’s in it! That’s your imagination. It was joy. It was joyful peace. Joyful peace. You’re connected to everything at once. All the love from your third-grade teacher to Everything at once.

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Renner, who is the father of his 11-year-old daughter, Ava, says another hard lesson he learned was accepting love from his family and fans — and the way the incident changed how people viewed him.

Jeremy Renner has documented his recovery since his accident in 2023.Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images

“I’m a difficult man to love, I guess?” He admitted. “And I think my family and people put all that aside. There are so many people who love me. And I had no idea. I had to learn how to receive all this love, and it’s not easy. From people you don’t like so I know, even. Why this “The accident is something like that? But then I said, ‘Damn, stop asking why I was famous for having a bow and arrow.’

in May, Renner spoke to ET About his return to work on Paramount’s set Mayor of Kingstown A year after his accident and how he was concerned about performing “essential duties” in the group.

“It was something different than I had ever felt before. I was in a state of self-doubt.” Avengers The star said. “I don’t know if you’re physically capable of it, because you know it’s 12 hours or 14 hours on set. Whether you’re doing stunts or not, it’s exhausting.”

Renner said the cast and crew were able to work with him and provide accommodations that suited him while he returned to work.

“in the end [of shooting the season]“It was making me more like a 14-year-old, so, you know, a certain number of hours, more breaks and that kind of thing,” he joked.

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Renner case Men’s health It hits newsstands nationwide July 2.

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