Just Eat Takeaway will launch a supermarket delivery service in Germany

Amazon does not have to repay the Luxembourg tax benefit
The European Court of Justice has ruled that the tax benefit enjoyed by Amazon’s European branch in Luxembourg is systemic. So the e-commerce company does not have to repay 250 million euros.
Source: retailildetail.eu

Sone MC to expedite the release of Mu Superstores in Portugal.
Portuguese retailer Sony MC plans to expedite its Mu Super Owners stores in Portugal and Cape Verde by 2021. Last year, the group opened 17 MU Super Proximity stores, taking a total of 300 and generating $ 171 million in revenue, associated with 14% year-over-year growth. Since January, Sony MC has already opened 7 Mu supermarkets, out of a total of 25 planned this year. Speaks Cash on delivery, Thomas Lins Fernandez, general manager of Mu Super, said the plan for 2021 is to accelerate the rate of new openings compared to the previous year.
Source: esmmagazine.com

Just Eat Takeaway Introduces Grocery Delivery in Germany
Just Eat Takeaway.com, Europe’s largest food ordering and distribution company, has said it will launch a supermarket delivery service in Germany and is considering doing the same in other markets. The company said its LeFrendo service, which operates in 50 German cities, will now also offer groceries. Liferanto “wants to run its grocery business with gross profit neutrality,” Takeaway said in a statement. “Just Eat Takeaway.com is exploring a similar approach in other key markets such as the UK and the Netherlands”.
Source: reuters.com

The delivery hero will start operations in Berlin and expand throughout Germany by the end of this year
Delivery Hero SE (“Delivery Hero”), the world’s leading local distribution platform, has announced plans to re-enter the German market under its brand Footpanda. The delivery hero who saw a better opportunity due to the growing customer demands and penetrating market believes in the energy that Germany can offer. Footpanda already operates in more than 10 countries across Europe and Asia, and will bring its signature pink deliveries to the streets of Berlin later this summer. Futbonda starts first with a soft start in the center of Berlin in June, and plans to further expand operations to German cities after its official launch on August 10th.
Source: deliveryhero.com

Ozone scales business in Belarus, expanding logistics infrastructure
Ozone, a leading multi-genre e-commerce site, has announced that it has registered an operating company in the Republic of Belarus called Ozone Rocket Bell LLC. A new framework is being developed to increase trade in the country and primarily to expand the logistics infrastructure for ozone.
Source: sistema.com

Ireland: Dunnas wants the court to decide what ‘groceries’ are
Dunnas Stores has asked the High Court to rule on the definition of groceries in a row between a supermarket chain and a discount retailer. Dunnas wants the court to enforce a ban on the sale of a Mr Price Station in the city of Carlo, where the supermarket claims it needs the lease granted to the discount store. Dunnas says groceries are more than just food and include low-cost, durable non-household items. Mr. Price accepts groceries, but opposes Dunnas’ argument that it extends to other products.
Source: irishtimes.com

UK: Bestway Wholesale Restructuring Business
Bestway Wholesale has announced plans to restructure its senior management team to bring Bestway Wholesale and Bestway Retail together, enabling it to “use its growing size and potential.”
Source: talkretail.com

Food waste in retail chains in Poland
There are big differences between the 2 largest retail chains in Poland and the amount of food donated: Little and Pythronka. Stores make up about 5% of food losses in Poland, but only food retailers and wholesalers are obliged by law to combat food waste, and must conclude an agreement with NGOs regarding the provision of free food. In addition, store owners need to organize advertising campaigns to encourage consumers not to waste. The financial statements of Geronimo Martின்nez Polka and Little Polka show that the entire chain of Little stores generates 2.5 times less revenue than the Pitranga discount stores. The reason is a small number of outlets (there are about 760 Little stores and about 3120 Bytranga stores). However, if a turnover created by Geronimo Martின்nez Polka reaches Little, it will give 60 times less food than Pythronka. In fact, Pytranga is at the forefront of the food donated to PLN 1ml of revenue, but these are still small compared to the total food revenue of this chain. By this comparison, Little seems to be a master at managing product offerings.
Source: agroberichtenbuitenland.nl

SPAR Slovenia receives IFCO Certification
As part of its efforts to ensure a sustainable production chain, SPAR Slovenia has received the 2020 Certificate of Sustainability from IFCO SYSTEMS, a leading supplier of reusable plastic food containers. Environmental awareness is a priority for SPAR Slovenia, which reflects the latest technologies and eco-friendly equipment installation. In addition, SPAR Slovenia seeks to reduce plastic waste by using biodegradable materials and ensures that the packaging material is reused.
Source: spar-international.com

Germany: NATO merges with WWF for water security
Neto Morgan-Discount Has collaborated With WWF to develop the framework for highly sustainable water use by a German retailer. According to WWF analysis, there are numerous agricultural areas in Germany at moderate water risk, which will increase over the next few years and decades.
Source: esmmagazine.com

Q1 net profit of Carrefour’s Brazil division rises 4.7%
Reuters reports: “Food retailer Carrefour Brazil’s adjusted net income for the first quarter was more than $ 420 million ($ 80 million), up 4.7% year-on-year, amid strong sales growth and market share gains in South America’s largest. , Brazilian Carrefour released pre-adjusted returns on depreciation and debt (EPITDA), down 1.3% from a year earlier.
Source: nasdaq.com

US: Focus on why the grocery store is new
The grocery store says its value proposal, which focuses on new food, value and treasure hunts, remains strong despite a mixed first-quarter earnings report. The company says it expects to open 38 new stores in fiscal 2021. 3 to 5 of these stores will be in the East, including 2 which have already been open since the year.
Source: progressivegrocer.com

US: Target introduces good and collectible plant-based label
Target Corporation added a plant-based tax on its one-and-a-half-year-old Good & Cather food and beverage brand. The Minneapolis-based goal is to have more than 30 products for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in this new collection based on the Good & Cather plant. Ingredients range from plant-based tips and spreads, oat milk, almond milk cream and vegetarian salad dressing to meat-free beef and chicken patties, pea-protein meatballs and buffalo-style cauliflower wings.
Source: supermarketnews.com

US: Groger creates business archive for new food producers
Groger Co. Co Fresh & Local Supplier has introduced Accelerator, a business incubator for new food and related suppliers. Under the partnership program, Groger aims to find new American farmers, producers and other suppliers that will enable the continued expansion of new sectors of its supermarkets, including manufacturing, tele, bakery, meat, seafood, dairy, specialty cheese and flower.
Source: supermarketnews.com

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