June 3, 2023

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Kellyanne Conway casually reveals her age and weight as she gushes on Martha Stewart’s SI cover: ‘We shouldn’t care’ (VIDEO)

Kellyanne Conway and the crew of Fox News’ “Big Weekend Show” gushed over Martha Stewart’s appearance on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue — which inspired the former adviser to Donald Trump to reveal some things of herself.

“I think she looks sexy!” Conway said on Saturday’s edition. And it’s a good thing for her to do that, and a good thing for Sports Illustrated for putting her on one of the four covers… The old saying is true—now that I’m an old lady I want to say it—”Youth is wasted on youth.” “

Host Will Cain was talking about the “Golden Bachelor” coming to ABC this fall when he moved on to the cover of SI, making Stewart Oldest model to honor the cap in history.

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“Many in the media, pounce on Stewart’s cover to force an ageism debate,” Kane said. “Cool. Really? I mean… nothing can be cute in this world anymore.”

Conway suggested that the only thing that stirred up the “controversy” was envy.

“People are jealous of Martha Stewart…she can make croquembouches out of nothing, she can fold fitted sheets, she can organize a kitchen in a second,” Conway said. “The two taboos women aren’t supposed to ask: Your age and your weight?” Conway said. “I’m 56. I weigh 120 pounds. See? That was easy. We shouldn’t care. I think there are many different ways to age gracefully.”

The hosts of “Weekend Show” were unanimous on the cover of Stewart and what he means to growing older in the modern era.

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“So it was [once you turned 60] I was like the grandparents in Willy Wonka; “You’re in bed, you can’t get out,” said Cain. “Now? That’s inspiring!”

“Martha Stewart cooks in this thing!” added contributor Jason Chaffetz.

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