November 30, 2023

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Left-wing candidate Gabriel Borick won the presidential election

According to the Chilean Electoral Commission, left-wing candidate Gabriel Boric won the second round of the presidential election on Sunday, December 19, ahead of his far-right rival, Jose Antonio Coste.

With 55% turnout, – culminating in the fact that voting in 2012 is no longer mandatory -, Mr. Borick collected 56% of the vote, after counting more than 99% of the vote with 44% of the vote for his rival. Vote. The Left Alliance, of which the Communist Party is a member, has won this unprecedented battle between two candidates whose plans have been completely anti-social since their return to democracy in 1990.

“I talked to @gabrielboric and congratulated him on his great success. He is the elected President of Chile today and deserves our respect and our constructive cooperation. Chile has always been number one, Mr. Cost wrote on his Twitter account.

Inaugurated March 11th

Mr Cast, an admirer of the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship with the support of the entire Chilean right, declared that he could not accept the outcome of the election if the defeat was less than 50,000 votes between the two candidates. Ranked No. 1There is 27.9% against 25.8%, repeatedly convinced that he was the candidate in the upper echelons of Santiago and among the working class outside the capital. “Order, Justice and Security”.

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Mr. As soon as Cast admitted his defeat, a concert of horns echoed through the streets of the capital, Santiago. Outgoing President Sebastian Pinera, who is facing a major social movement at the end of 2019, congratulated the newly elected head of state, who will officially take office on March 11, in a video discussion.

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“I want you and the people to know that I will do everything I can to face this terrible challenge and that our country will be better when we are united.”, Mr. Borick, he promised to be “President of all Chileans”.

Mr. Pinera responded to the elected President “History has taught us that if we are divided into fraternal wars, things will always end badly. Chile hopes for good government for Chile and Chile (…) ”.

Welfare State Plan

Gabriel Borick succeeded in his welfare state program, a major change in the country considered a laboratory of liberalism in Latin America, with the middle to upper middle class around him, mainly mobilized in Santiago.

This deputy, elected since 2014, presents himself as the political heir to the 2019 movement for greater social justice in the most unequal country of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The 35-year-old, the minimum age for running, was not expected in the final run a few months ago when the former leader of a student movement in 2011.

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“It is possible to make Chile more humane, dignified and equal.”, He said after voting in his hometown of Punta Arenas, south, in the Magellan Strait.

In a country ruled by the center right and left center since the end of the dictatorship 31 years ago, Gabriel Borick wants to promote a major tax reform that will involve the rich in his plan for better access to health, education and development. A new pension system, now completely personal.

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