May 26, 2022

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Cancelled TV Shows List 2022

List of canceled TV shows 2022: ‘Magnum PI’, ‘Legacies’ and more

Well, that was brutal.

A total of 17 radio series have been shut down in the past 48 hours as broadcast networks begin cleaning the house ahead of next week’s fall shows. (aka “Introductions”).

The higher body count was in the CW about to sell, which I eliminated seven series this weekIncluding legaciescDamaged, 4400, Naomi, Roswell, NM, In the dark And Dynasty.

CBS closed nearly six programs, including Magnum BAnd b positive And good sam, While NBC pulled the plug on three (including comics) Mr. Mayor And kenan).

Fox, meanwhile, parted ways with two chains, Our kind of people And pivoting.

Miraculously, ABC – which in recent years has seen some of the biggest cancellations – has brought it all back Five of the remaining bubble displays.

“I haven’t seen a TV cancellation bloodbath like today in a while,” writer and producer Philip Ischoff said (Sleepy Hollow, Station 19) employment Twitter. “Very brutal. My sympathies are with all the writers, cast and crew out there.”

(For a full summary of what was picked and eliminated, see our guide 2022 Renewal Score Card.)

What is the fatal blow that hit you the most? Think carefully about the options and then vote. Then head to the comments to explain your choice.

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