Little customers can now find quiet time to shop through the use of the supermarket

Little customers will be delighted that the company has introduced a new feature in its app that will enable them to find quiet shopping hours at their local store.

This means that people can avoid crowds by choosing times when their shop is less busy.

The new “Best Time to Shop” feature is now at the top of the Little Plus homepage, and you’ll see it when you open the app.

For this to work, you must first tell them where your nearest store is Glass.

Once you have set up your store, the app will show you in real time how busy that branch is with a bar chart.

You can also change the day of the week to see how busy the store is on other days.

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The map shows quiet times for shopping in green and blue during peak hours.

The new feature is similar to “popular times” at Google, where search engines use real-time data to tell how busy stores are.

To use the tool, start by Google the specific store you want to visit in the “Maps” section of the search engine.

Scroll down past start times and you will see the “Popular Times” map.

This comes as other retailers have introduced measures to control crowds following the corona virus crisis.

At the top of the app homepage is the new 'Best Time to Shop' feature
At the top of the app homepage is the new ‘Best Time to Shop’ feature

For example, Aldi, Home Bargains and Tesco have all installed traffic lights in their stores that stop customers from entering once a branch has reached capacity.

Virtual queuing systems have been tested with the Sainsbury’s and Asta apps, so customers can wait until it’s time to go to a store in their car – eliminating the need to wait in cold weather.

Little launched its loyalty plan app last fall, offering users weekly discount coupons up to 20% off on selected products.

Little Plus members will receive a coupon to activate a free bakery cookie on their birthday.

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