October 2, 2023

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LIVE – Covid-19: We must be ready to “live with the virus for the next ten years” for the boss of BioNTech – release

Govt-19 epidemic in FranceCase

Different Omigron, Fifth Wave, Third Dose, Infection Report, New Therapies … Discover the latest information on the health crisis associated with Kovit-19 infection.

In short:

– Around 30,000 patients were diagnosed with Covit-19 in French hospitals on Wednesday evening, down sharply from Monday (31,000) and last week (more than 33,000). The number of new cases also continues its steady decline.

– The French government is considering stopping adults and children from wearing masks at home “Mid-March”As well as reduction of the vaccine pass on this date, if the virus is in circulation “Very weak”.

– Many countries are eliminating health measures. The latest is Germany, where President Olaf Scholes is now planning to scrap the three-step plan. “Many restrictions currently in force” By March 20.

5:15 p.m.

In early January, nearly 30% of pregnant women were not vaccinated. These results, from a survey released Thursday, have left health officials concerned. “The number is too high considering the risks” Knowing that there are examples, according to the Ministry of Health “22 times more likely to be born prematurely”, “8 times more likely to end up in intensive care”, Or “The risk of the child going to intensive care is 5 times higher”. Available studies have not shown any effect of MRNA vaccines during pregnancy. On the other hand, cases of severe form of Covid-19 in unvaccinated pregnant women have been reported in France and elsewhere.

4:35 p.m.

“People all over the world consider their country to be a bad flow.” Website Our world in data The COVID-19 has become the benchmark for taking the temperature of the crisis in various countries around the world. Behind these graphics is a team of 22 people, including Frenchman Edouard Mathieu. He explains his role in the limits of the “liberation” and general statistical approach. You can read the interview here.

3:05 p.m.

The Return of Fiesta. Fabian Condosi opened the “211” this Wednesday, in the center of the Park de la Villett (19th century Paris). A Night Bar, twice, produced its launch party before canceling it. Last time, in December, 300 people were invited before the Prime Minister announced the closure of nightclubs five days later. Release He kept his nose out for a part of the night to document the return of the party.

2:10 p.m.

Olivier Véran sets the limit for “1,500 patients in intensive care” to remove the mask from the inside of the mask. During his visit to Nice this Thursday, he was given the opportunity by the Minister of Health to specify the conditions necessary to complete the mandatory mask, especially to meet with hospital staff. Olivier Véran thus mentioned the limit of 1,500 patients in intensive care, while currently more than twice as many. If this limit is exceeded, the mask should not be kept indoors if the minister is to be trusted.

1:41 p.m.

Japan relaxes border controls Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced on Thursday that Japan would ease its strict border restrictions to allow foreign students and workers to enter the country, but that tourists would now be banned due to the epidemic. From March 1, “We will allow new visitors except tourists”He said at a press conference that the question of opening for tourism was still being discussed and stressed that there was no fixed date at this stage.

However, this will not result in an immediate arrival as the number of newcomers daily will be limited. However, the Prime Minister added that the current quota of 3,500 would be increased to 5,000 per day.


The world is “better prepared” for the “coming” genre. The world is now “Better and better ready” We will have to live for many more years to face the new variants of Govt-19, this Thursday Ukhur Sahin, the boss promises From the BioNTech LabThe origin of the first messenger RNA vaccine. “Other types are coming”, He says. Corn “We are always learning more, we are better and better prepared”, Added the scientist “We have to accept the fact that we still have ten years to live with the virus.”

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11:32 am

Govt tests dropped to 4.5 million last week. More than 4.5 million Govt-19 screening tests were carried out last week, according to figures released Thursday by the Ministry of Health. The decline continues: 4.57 million PCR and antigen screenings were checked between February 7 and 13. “Significant decline” The Directorate of Statistics (Trees) mentions 35% in a press release, compared to the previous week.

Following the fifth wave of epidemics, demand increased from November to the beginning of January, reaching nearly 12 million at the beginning of the school year. The observed reflux from it is high “Marked under 66” Last week, especially among children and adolescents under 16 (-46%).


Debt of poor countries: Yellen believes in China’s “more active participation”. U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen expressed optimism “China’s most active participation” Debt relief for poor countries, the Asian corporation is one of their main lenders. Debt in poor countries soared by epidemic, but Janet Yellen lamented “Slow work from China”.

“We want to see more active participation” Before the start of the G20 finance meeting in Indonesia, the Asian giant, he said. Joe Biden’s minister will almost certainly attend the G20 in Jakarta on Thursday and Friday.


For the first time at the 2022 Olympics there was no case for the coveted bubble. Organizers of the Beijing Olympics announced on Thursday that, for the first time since the start of the Olympics on February 4, no Kovit impact has been detected among the people integrated into the Olympic bubble. None of the 68,970 trials conducted on Wednesday were positive, they declared, confirming the steady downward trend of Kovit cases among residents of the Olympic bubble (athletes, management, delegates, media, organizers) in recent days.

Since the test began on January 25, 435 of the 1,592,695 tests conducted by Chinese organizers have tested positive, with all participants being tested daily during their stay in China. It peaked on February 2 with 55 cases, including 26 among athletes and their managers.

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9:13 p.m.

The Dominican Republic is suspending all its health restrictions. All controls related to the corona virus outbreak in the Dominican Republic were suspended on Wednesday, President Louis Abinader announced in a public statement. “Today (Wednesday), all restrictions imposed due to Govt-19 have been suspended”Said the head of state. “Measures such as the use of masks, the need to issue a vaccination certificate to access all places or restrictions in public places are now the personal responsibility of each of us.”

One month after the declaration of a state of emergency in the country, the wearing of the mask in public places became mandatory from April 2020.


Kit factories were sent to Africa to make vaccines. German laboratory BioNTech on Wednesday unveiled the mobile product units that will be shipped to Africa this year to produce the vaccine, developed with Pfizer, in the form of the first mRNA vaccine against Covit-19.

“The question is: is it possible to make the production process small enough to fit in a container?”, Explains Ugur Sahin, CEO and co-founder of BioNTech. The laboratory, a pioneer of Messenger RNA technology, has designed two volumes containing a total of twelve containers, one for the preparation of MRNA and the other for finalizing the vaccine serum, which must then be bottled elsewhere.

8:45 p.m.

The fourth dose is scheduled for October, but not for everyone. We are “The Beginning of a New Era”marked as a “Controlled circulation of the virus” Govt-19 and, from time to time, “Epidemiological peaks” Creating Restrictions, Jean-Fran்கois Delphrasi, President of the Science Council, evaluates in an interview To do Parisian This Wednesday evening. “We end up with Omigran”He adds: “If good statistics continue, it seems possible for me to raise the vaccine pass in the spring.”.

The immunologist also judges Called the fourth dose May be needed later in the year, but only “For a very weak vaccine for six months”Trigger “Probably a new vaccine campaign in October”. “We will not go for the fourth general dose”He promises.