July 24, 2024

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Live – War in Ukraine: 3 killed and fifty injured in Kharkiv, according to Zelensky

European union. 27 confirmed accession talks with Ukraine and Moldova to begin on Tuesday. The announcement was welcomed by the President of Ukraine. “We look forward to next week, June 25, when Ukraine and the EU will hold their first intergovernmental conference, which will mark the effective start of the negotiation process,” wrote Volodymyr Zelensky on the “European Dream.”

Spying. The German Federal Prosecutor’s Office announced on Friday that three men were arrested in Frankfurt on suspicion of spying on a man from Ukraine on behalf of the foreign service. The three suspects, a Russian, a Ukrainian and an Armenian, “were in Germany on behalf of a foreign secret service to collect information on a person from Ukraine,” prosecutors wrote in a press release.

Chasiv who fight. A combat unit said in a statement on Thursday that Ukraine has deployed reinforcements to the Sasiv Yar division to protect this strategic town on the eastern front, a gateway to the main mining towns of the Donbass. Moscow is targeting the site, now in ruins, with the aim of making a breakthrough towards the main town of Kramatorsk, still under Ukrainian control, on the garrison side of the Eastern Front.

Refineries were attacked in Russia. Kyiv claimed responsibility for drone attacks on several refineries in Russia on Friday. “On the night of June 21, drones attacked oil refineries in Abipsky, Ilsky, Krasnodar and Astrakhan,” four cities in southwestern Russia, Ukrainian civil servants said in a press release. Moscow, for its part, says it neutralized 114 Ukrainian drones overnight, which specifically targeted the country’s southwestern region, where one person was killed.

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