August 16, 2022

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Live – War in Ukraine: Kiev claims to have thwarted Russian attacks near Severodonetsk

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Russia claims to have repulsed attacks near a major city in the eastern part of Ukraine, Severdonetsk, where both forces have been engaged in bloody battles for weeks. “The enemy is retreating and re-integrating,” the Ukrainian military said.

போர் The war in Ukraine will last “years,” NATO Secretary-General Bildt warned in an interview with the German daily Bild on Sunday, urging Western nations to register their support for kyiv over time.

The governor of Lugansk said in an interview on Sunday that “we must be prepared for the worst.” “The situation is difficult, in the city (Lisitsansk) and in the whole region,” he said, because the Russians “bomb our positions 24 hours a day”.

Berlin notes that Germany will “overuse” coal-fired power plants for its electricity, which will face recent downturns in Russian gas supplies.

Ukraine says it has repulsed Russian attacks near Chevrolet Donetsk

Ukrainian troops on Sunday said they had repulsed Russian attacks on villages near the main city of the main city, Severdonetsk, where both forces have been engaged in bloody battles for weeks.

“Our units repulsed the attack in the Toshikovka region,” the Ukrainian military said on Facebook. “The enemy retreats and reunites.”

The Ukrainian military said Russian forces were “storming” the village of Origov, but had “successfully repulsed” an attack near the village.

Olaf Scholz promises that the G7 will continue to support Ukraine “as needed”

In an interview with a German news agency, the German president promised that the G7 would make clear its intention to support Ukraine “until needed” at the next European summit. CCA Released Saturday.

“We will continue to support Ukraine as needed. We want to make sure that the Russian president’s calculations do not work,” he said.

“Putin openly believes that once he captures enough territory and the international community returns to its usual concerns, everything will be fine,” he said. “It’s an illusion,” he said.

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Berlin says Germany will “overuse” coal-fired power plants for its electricity

The government said on Sunday that Germany would take urgent action to deal with the recent fall in Russia’s gas supplies, especially as coal use increased.

“To reduce gas consumption, less gas should be used to generate electricity. Instead, coal-fired power plants should be used more,” the economy ministry said in a statement.

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Zhelensky called for “more widespread assistance” to Ukrainians who lost loved ones in the conflict.

The Ukrainian president said Sunday that he had called for the establishment of “more public assistance” for Ukrainians who have lost loved ones in the conflict.

“I urge the United States to provide more and more assistance to those who have lost loved ones. We will certainly rebuild everything that was destroyed. Russia does not have the missiles that our people want to live in,” he said.

“The losses are significant. Many homes have been destroyed, public logistics have been disrupted and there are many social problems,” he said.

‘We will not give the south to anyone’: Ukraine will ‘withdraw everything’ from Russian forces’ says Zhelensky

Returning from the south, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky this Sunday assures that, in a conflict that will last for years, there is no doubt about victory over the Russians and that his troops will be excited.

“We will not give the south to anyone, we will take back everything, the sea will be Ukrainian, it will be safe,” he said in a video released on the Telegram on his return to Kiev.

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Boris Johnson has called on Ukraine’s allies to stand firm and long-term if they do not want to see “occupation” victory in Europe.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Saturday that Ukraine’s allies should firmly support Kiev if it does not want to see an “occupation” victory in Europe after World War II.

He wrote that countries supporting Ukraine must remain cool in the face of the Russian invasion, and that Kiev must ensure that it has “strategic tolerance for survival and eventual victory.” Sunday Times.

“Rather than Russia renewing its offensive capabilities, it will depend on how quickly Ukraine can strengthen its defense capabilities. Our task is to give the Ukrainian side time,” he said.

Lugansk governor on fire, “preparing for the worst”

In an interview on Sunday, Sergei Kaitoy, the governor of a region in eastern Ukraine that has been permanently bombed by the Russians, told AFP that “the state must be prepared for the worst.”

“The situation is difficult, in the city (Lisitsansk) and in the whole region,” he said, because the Russians “bomb our positions 24 hours a day”.

In Lysychansk, there are signs of preparations for street fighting: soldiers dig holes and put up barbed wire fences, and police place burnt vehicles on the streets to slow down traffic.

NATO leader says war in Ukraine will last for years

In an interview released on Sunday, the NATO Secretary General warned that the war in Ukraine would last “for years”. By the German daily BildWestern nations are urging them to maintain their support for kyiv.

“We must be prepared to extend this for many years,” said Jens Stoltenberg.

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