Major-General. Danny Ford, under military investigation, is no longer campaigning for the vaccine

Major-General. Army Commander Danny Fordin, who promoted vaccine logistics at the Public Health Service of Canada (PHIC), has resigned, and is now under military investigation, according to a report by the Department of National Security.

The brief report did not describe any of the allegations against Ford or explain the nature of the investigation.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the attempt to distribute Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine to Ford in the fall.

Ford, a former commander of the NATO mission in Iraq, has been a feature of the PHAC’s explanations, providing updates on efforts to distribute vaccines across the country.

Ford was also involved in planning CAF missions in long-term care homes affected by the summer. The horrific statements made by the veterans after working in those homes led the federal government to create new orders regarding the care of seniors.

Ford was at the center of a new military support center within the PHAC – the National Operations Center – built to help coordinate the use of millions of vaccine doses in the coming months.

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