Manitoba Police, Firefighters, and Teachers Give Priority to COVID-19 Vaccines

Winnipeg – The Manitoba government has said it will soon add elite first responders in the province and all adults living in communities at risk of the corona virus to qualify for the Govt-19 vaccine.

Health and Senior Care Minister Heather Stephenson says details will be released next week, but there are plans to add front-line police and firefighters.

With emphasis on those in public-facing jobs such as teaching, he says, in high-risk communities, all adults will qualify.

According to Dr. Jas Reimer, the medical lead of the vaccination team, those at risk are often racially or marginalized people, who will soon be vaccinated.

Manitoba is dealing with the onset of a third wave of epidemics, with daily case numbers increasing in recent days.

Health officials have confirmed the first case of a B1 variant seen in Brazil in Manitoba.

“This comprehensive approach, built on the advice of our medical professionals, is the next step in reducing the spread of COVID-19 and protecting people at risk,” Stephenson said in a statement Thursday night.

Manitoba currently provides vaccines to the general population from the age of 39 to 59 people in the first countries. Vaccination programs have been implemented targeting those in long-term care homes and other group facilities.

The province offers the Oxford-Astrogenogen vaccine for people over 55 with certain basic health conditions.

This report of the Canadian edition was first published on April 15, 2021

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