Many Ontario police forces will not use the new COVID-19 powers to conduct random stops

TORONTO – Many police forces in Ontario are not going to stop motorists or people randomly to implement new ones COVID-19 Rules.

Instead, they say, they plan to act on complaints or overt violations.

Criticisms of Prime Minister Doug Ford’s new powers for the police are widespread and outrageous.

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Ontario’s temporary increase in police powers raises concerns about random stops and karting

Powers detain anyone and allow powers to ask where they live and why they are not at home.

Failure to provide the information may result in fines or fees.

New anti-infective measures include additional restrictions on community gatherings and essential retailers, the closure of some outdoor recreation centers and the suspension of non-essential construction projects.

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Announcing them, Ford said the province was “on its heels” and that new measures were urgently needed.

Raising police powers in Ontario to set up border checkpoints

Raising police powers in Ontario to set up border checkpoints

Ford has extended the state’s stay order by two weeks until May 20. Outdoor meetings are restricted to members of the same household _ people living alone may join another home.

In addition, all recreational facilities such as playgrounds, playgrounds and golf courses are closed.

Essential retailers should reduce the capacity limit to 25 percent, indoor religious services are limited to 10 people, and non-essential constructions should be closed.

Civil libertarians, politicians and analysts denounced the added police powers.

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